parramatta nightclubs 1980s
I can not see any listing or other comments about DRAGON -Mark Hunter. Nick & Nora's With 270 degrees of uninterrupted skyline views, a 11-metre long back bar boasting more than 900 spirits- Nick and Nora’s offers an unprecedented rooftop bar experience. Always wondered how you were. I remember for a while WAP was real Saturday Night Fever type of a place.

Many a wild story from there and many from that band room. I went round the corner and took my black socks off and put them over my shoes and went back to the door – the bouncer pissed himself laughing and let me in – no way would that happen these days – happy memories. Read more, 39 comments The night suddenly gets interactive and we’re told to hop on exercise bikes and handed tambourines. I even remember going on a Tuesday night to SNF dance lessons. Some big nights! Ol warries, loved the place, would go there most nights during the week and our local Parramatta band Parole played there many a Friday night…I loved the place as there was so much variety in the people, rockers, westies, punks in the corner, sharpies, footballers, and Pat benatar look alikes…Hedly was the manager at the time and I would be drinking double op rum with coke, schooner glass no ice and the music was great,,,loved the heavy metal nights in particular with heaven and such. 1/9/1983: War & Peace with Hoodoo Gurus and Soft Toys. First up because I was under-age and secondly there was a strange ritual question asked at the door, “Do you intend to partake of a meal tonight Sir?”, and I gave the wrong answer. Dave, the head tech was actually at the gig and saw it happen…..there you go….the old War & Peace….. For a few years in the 70’s my wife & I were living in a unit @ Nth. / I have an old flyer which contains our band and others playing there over the week I can send you if you want. If you have any info it would be much appreciated. / They were Good old days. 19/8/1982: War & Peace Hotel Supporting Tiny Tim with Spy Vs Spy Great bar staff. I grew up in the Valley. The most memorable gig was the night I got electrocuted on stage….for real…. Check out these 5 exciting things at the re-launch of Parramatta's much-loved ALEX&Co bar and restaurant. You have 1 listing for us in the gig list but we were regulars around the time that Tiny Tim played there. And myself If only we could turn back time if only for a day.??? Venues, What a time we had. Hi Bob, I don’t have any specific information to say whether they did or didn’t but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. My email is DJ was Holger Brockman…worked at 2JJ and did voice over for the then Austero Radio Network….he also does voice over for the ARN….and Radio Today….he is still around……PS Midnight oil played at the WAP in 1977…I have a picture any suggests on how to upload to this site?? It’s Friday night in Parramatta, and sadly the site of the old nightclub is no longer buzzing, in fact it’s been turned into a block of apartments. The other one that sticks in my mind is the “Mexican Missile” which had Tequila and Vodka in it. The “lifesaver”, as it was widely known, started out as a wine bar in a couple of terrace houses but eventually, walls were knocked down to… Here is my email. Are you on face book. I worked ‘security’ at W&P and later when it became Images. Sorry Vicki. I was a dedicated disco girl… My partner worked on the door in 1978… Trevor Chillingworth and our friend John Unis and of cause George the cook. The Radiators played gigs in Parramatta … Ian Nash – Guitar / Vocals Hey Bill. Names like Dee Minor & The Dischords, Birds Of Prey, The Lonely Hearts and if memory serves me correct, Midnight Oil. / Or send your email and we can have a chat. Next stop is Fitness First in Macquarie St, once home to a nightclub where punters would have been getting physical on the dancefloor, rather than the exercise equipment. The night started with champagne cocktails at the Information and Cultural Exchange and a historical talk by the organisation’s executive director John Kirkman. First time I saw INXS there… Great memories. Peter Grant – Bass / Vocals I played in a band called Outline and we played at The War & Peace many times, usually to a pretty packed house. Anyway my mate who had been there before stepped in and explained that I would love a meal and we were in. I worked on the door for 3 years back in the early to mid 80’s. Sometimes after gigs or to see a band or 3. Tops! Still have the original War and Peace stickers, Previous post: Australian Singles Chart for 1990. Thanks so much for those dates Mark, what band was it? / What a time we had. / Mark Gibson Copyright © 2007– 2020 Australian Music History. This also served as the “V.I.P” area and was a fantastic place to watch a live band. We revisit the sites of some of the city’s lost nightclubs as the stories continue. Miss the old War and Peace. I was looking for a girl Eva from that time.

I did know a Jeff King from that time he lived in Ermington and we all went to the WAP……, Saw the Great Man Billy Thorpe there and even had the pleasure of meeting him and the Aztecs as they came strolling across from the Royal Oak It cost a lot to see him there but was so worth it Saw same band a few other places but non as good as the gig there, Mad gorilla were great thought we saw zarzoff brothers too. Venues – B, The Grand Hotel’s short but huge claim to fame as a venue for bands came about in 1977. Peter. Not sure if you remember the girl I mentioned in my post but always wondered what happened.

I worked at WAP , Tues – Friday early 80s for 3 years behind the bar with Angela, Caz, Punkannella, Gayle, Denise, Debbie, Jennifer, Anton the owner, Greg & Marie-Ann in the kitchen, Richard W DJ Tuesdays & Sharon DJ other days, Birds of Prey favourite band, married the guitarist. / Mark Gibson 29/4/1982: War & Peace Hotel Supporting Jon English PJ may back that up ? I am desperately trying to find my father Mick and this is where they met. Worked with Mary and Barrie…went to their wedding.Most of the staff did.Returned to NZ in 1983. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thankfully the live bands grew in popularity and pushed the disco crowd to the side. Also remember WAP had very strict dress rules, then towards the final few years the dress rules became very relaxed.

What are your memories of War & Peace? Should bring it back….lmao. You could wander down to your… 4/11/1982: War & Peace Hotel with Dropbears and Young Homebuyers It was a large, purpose-built venue with a big stage and a mezzanine level for the really big shows. And the dumb waiter (normally used to move food between floors) had a dual purpose as a way to quickly get rid of troublemakers by hurtling them down into the street below. I walked up to the bar and I didn’t have a clue what to ask for. Regards Rick, DJ was Holger Brockman…worked at 2JJ and did voice over for the then Austero Radio Network….he also does voice over for the ARN….and Radio Today….he is still around, Does anyone know of a Karen Penn or a Michael (Mick) King that used to frequent the War and Peace back in ’78’? I only just saw this post. Name was Dianne. Are you still around on this site. All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. Great place to play and we never saw any of the trouble that people talk about.

The Hitmen, The Reels, The Numbers, Dee Minor and a bit out of the usual the Bushwackers and even Tiny Tim played there and many many more. /

But the night is young and I’m with a group with a mission to relive the heady days of clubbing with a tour of the city’s lost discothèques. The first hurdle was getting in the door. Read more, 24 comments Anyone remember her? Last stop is a disused Chinese Restaurant in Station St, once known as the nightclub Lucky Lil’s that has been transformed into nightclub central. I’m on a Disco Dome tour, being run as part of Sydney Festival. I’d love to see that flyer if you get a chance. A few Karen Penn’s but appears only one probably the right age and lives in Canberra. War & Peace Nightclub Parramatta was an iconic live music venue of the seventies and eighties and was probably the first real nightclub that I ever went to as a fresh-faced 17 year old in 1979. We are trying to find a Bruce Moir who also worked there around this time. Now ,December 2013 we have tickets to see Air Supply @ Jupiters Casino.With a bit of luck they will turn up this time.. War and Peace (WAP) Thursday night 3 bands for a $. Probably a grandmother these days. Many people reminisce about the good old days when there was a venue on every… Hi mark ☺ i too went to wap a lot. / Mark Gibson it was the Allniters. Antion was the owner btw. / Mark Gibson The publican Dennis was approached with the proposal of opening the doors to a new style of music for that time, Punk Rock. Hey Vicki.

How are you. That makes me fairly unique amongst Sydney music lovers of my age. It was a place that was always jumping, especially in the wee hours of the day. The tour continues and we walk around town, bopping away occasionally to the disco tunes pre-loaded into individual MP3 players handed out at the start of the night. How can I get a better contact email from you. Wow, hearing all this brings back the memories. I was a member of “The War & Peace Band” That opened and played at this venue Monday to Thursday back in 1976 (I Have live recordings from the venue) Then we played in Newcastle Fri day & Sat at the other venue that Warwick Miller owned – “The Castle Grape & Grill” Steel St Newcastle

Plus the security guys…PJ…I remember him,Kiwi…a Maori guy.Paul(another kiwi).Barrie who met and married Mary.Lots of memories…great place to be in ones early 20s. A lo of people remember WAP from the day.


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