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A healthy sulcus measurement is 3mm or less. She worked as a dental assistant for three years. FMX series inflict more radiation on a patient because they require multiple exposures for 18 to 20 films. Sexually transmitted is not a mode of disease transmission. Quality starts with who wrote the material. Bitewings and periapical images show a small section of the dentition. Bitewings, panoramic, periapical, and occlusal radiographs display 2D images. I did not pass RHS exam for the first time. Many dental offices have a sharps container in each operatory and in the central sterilization area. There are two premolars in each of the four quadrants of the mouth. Dentists increasingly turn routine work over to CDAs and … There are two dental arches. Mercury and other toxic chemicals fall under this category. Examination gloves are the most frequently worn gloves during routine patient treatment. Dental personnel who are regularly exposed to blood and saliva fall under category I. Incorrect answer. Pathogens are organisms that are capable of causing disease conditions. For complete study, check out our 750 question Practice Exam Kit for the Certified Dental Assistant Exam.

Gutta percha is used to fill the canals. Home / Courses / Product Catalog Search / DANB RHS Practice Test. The most common tooth numbering system used in the United States is the Universal Numbering System. Test Day Panoramic radiographs are extraoral images, not intraoral. The actual exam consists of three sections - General Chairside Assistance, Infection Control and Dental Radiography - with a total of 320 multiple-choice questions.

A PA is one film. The bridge is supported by two abutments (#18 and #20) that support and retain the bridge.

Explore our free DANB review provided by Mometrix. Deeper pockets indicate the loss of epithelial attachment, bone, and indicate the presence of periodontal disease. The buccal surface is the facial surface closest to the inner cheek. The computer-based exam is available throughout the year. They are also called cuspids. Be a current or former DANB CDA, be a graduate of a DDS or DMD program accredited by CODA, or be a graduate of a dental degree program in another country. Collection and Recording of Clinical Data (10%), Patient Education and Oral Health Management (10%), Prevention and Management of Emergencies (12%), Quality Assurance and Radiology Regulations (21%), 750 question Practice Exam Kit for the Certified Dental Assistant Exam, Radiation Safety for Patients and Operators (31%), Patient and Dental Healthcare Worker Education (10%), Prevent Cross-contamination and disease transmission (20%).

This practice test was created with the following Subject Matter Experts: DANB exam prep: Radiation Health and Safety (RHS). State and local regulations must be followed when disposing of hazardous waste. You can review this DANB practice test as much as you like during your six-month access period to work on trouble spots and check your progress. Hep B immunization is an effective vaccine that healthcare workers should be given to prevent the risk of occupational exposure. Chronic infections are present for a long duration. Microorganisms may also be transmitted to the community through contaminated clothing and hair. Hepatitis A is the least serious type of Hepatitis. Representatives are available M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m CT. There are also several root canal treated teeth on the maxillary arch. The exam has 100 multiple-choice questions. Occlusal and Cephalometric radiographs only show a section of the dentition.

Trays with bleaching gel, brush-on whitening, and whitening strips are all less expensive at-home treatments. If you’re studying to take your DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam, this study aid is a great way to prepare you and provides you with practice questions. Sensors are more sensitive with digital radiography than traditional x-ray films, allowing the exposure time to be less, reducing radiation. The exposure control plan describes how the dental office complies with OSHA's Blood-Borne Pathogens Standard. Acute infections may be severe but are of short duration. Children with mixed dentition may be able to tolerate size 1 or 2. Radiation Health and Safety (RHS)RHS Exam Blueprint: 3. Every bridge will have a minimum of 1 pontic. Specific training is available, but in some situations dentists may allow an assistant to learn on the job. Mesial is the closest proximal tooth surface toward the midline of the body. Completed a program of study approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Your results will be scored automatically and will display your strengths and weaknesses. Those who are occasionally exposed are in category II. There are 20 baby teeth in primary dentition. DANB Test Study Guide with Practice Questions. Some do not require a college degree, while others may require a license or registration in order to work.

It is defenetally worth to pay even more for this RHS Practice Test. Hepatitis B and HIV are caused by viruses. While standard films can have their image scanned into an electronic program, they are not by definition, digital x-rays.

Applicants should note that each part of the CDA exam must be passed within a five-year period. Panoramic films allow the entire dentition to be viewed on a single, large film. Panoramic images display the entire dentition. , is a registered dental hygienist who has worked in the specialties of oral surgery, periodontics and orthodontics for eight years. Before taking the General Chairside section of the Certified Dental Assistant exam, an applicant must provide documentation showing eligibility. Intermediate restorations may be used temporarily to determine if a tooth needs more extensive treatment. The certified dental assistant job is a career where opportunities are growing. P.S. In-office whitening may take as little as one hour. Uniforms worn during patient treatment should not be worn outside of the dental office. The Radiation Health and Safety section has no prerequisites, and no documentation is required. A lead apron with a thyroid collar must be used on all patients during radiographic procedures.

Intermediate or temporary restorations may be placed when a patient needs time to save for a permanent restoration or is waiting for their insurance benefits to renew. The actual exam consists of three sections - General Chairside Assistance, Infection Control and Dental Radiography - with a total of 320 multiple-choice questions.


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