cr85 big wheel vs small wheel

As ddrum has stated contact a yamaha dealership as some of the bikes do have a bigger swing arm and some don't and I don't remember if the yamaha does or not.

I have up for sale an awesome dirt bike. any gearing changes are in the sprockets. I’d estimate about 50 hours of total riding time. cr85 small wheel . Still have questions? he quickly outgrew the bike and now it?€™s time to move on to something bigger. Not sure exactly if those sizes are exact but it is something like that. Thanks! Nevertheless. Wheel has small buckle (see pictures) and a few small chips wheel can be easy straightened out by a wheel specialist. wheel 1 has a small crack but does not deflate and wheel 3 has a small dent on the inner rim but is balanced. Royal mail advise that in some cases delivery time can take up to working days to the following areas. Must have 10 positive feedback to bid, will crate for material cost and ship at your cost if needed. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed5347e5ac2a5d0

2004 HONDA CR85R EXPERT (BIG WHEEL).. SHOWROOM and MINT CONDITION ...COUPLE OF HOURS RIDDEN BY MY DAUGHTER ATPRACTICE TRACK FEW TIMES..STOCK SUSPENSION JETTED AND RUNS PERFECTLYRARE BIG WHEEL / 2004 IS IDENTICAL TO 2007.. UNCHANGEDUPGRADES INCLUDE:FMF GOLD SERIES PIPE AND SILENCERV-FORCE REED AND INTAKE MANIFOLDWISECO PISTON KITPRO TAPER BARS LOCAL PICKUP ONLY !! Sold as seen. cr85 small wheel never been used only taken out of ... Cr85 1995-2007 17 inch front Brand new in packaging. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. We... 2006 Honda Cr 85 in good condition apart from some small damage. The big wheel will have a 16" rear wheel and the regular YZ will have a 14". We have sold many bike with positive feedback so bid with confidence. they are most definitely not using different would cost WAY too much to produce. Will need tires soon. The CR85 Big Wheel is a full-blown motocross bike. but i need to be able to tell by eye, so i am after the physical differneces, not just the wheels are bigger. The power is awesome and the suspension is great. small wheel pitbike wheel rear wheel #1. small amount of rust on passenger side in the boot, also drivers side over wheel arch and a small whole in sill by rear wheel arch.

Bought last year, son rode it 4 times, but is afraid, so decided he'd rather not ride. It comes with all of the factory original parts, including the complete exhaust setup (like new), fork springs and the radiator (like new) and hoses. Runs and shifts great. • the swing arm is longer to compensate the bigger rear tire and the rims are larger. I have a friend who modded a KX80 Big Wheel w/ a 175cc motor and while the bike is a blast to trail ride, and with a 5 inch stretch in the wheel base and high rise bars the cockpit ergonomics still don't suit an adult rider, after about an hour the sit/stand routine just wears you out.. I'm not offering, nor will I even consider shipping this vehicle. Metal Twister, May 29, 2015 in Honda 2 Stroke, Hey guys what makes the Honda cr85 a big wheel? (item d) wheel & tyre wheel has small dent see pictures in used condition any questions please ask. At 6' the cockpit on the CR80/85 will be way too small. Top end has about 10 hours, clean, fast. wheel has small buckle (see pictures) and a few small chips wheel can be easy straightened out by a wheel specialist. It must be picked up in person. © SmartCycleGuide New York, NY - All rights I don't know if there is a difference in top speed between the two bikes. Nevertheless, he quickly outgrew the bike and now it’s time to move on to something bigger. Original plastic and decals still on the bike. We will send you an email notification, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, useable, comes, photos, show, royal, mail, Details: honda, wheel, rebuilt, bearing, small, last, stripped, powder, coated, triple, Michelin Starcross 70/100-17 Front 90/100-14 Rear, Details: starcross, michelin, front, rear, tyres, honda, small, wheel, home, shipping, HEAVY DUTY 2.5mm 70/100-17 FRONT INNER TUBE, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, courier, Dunlop MX33 Soft 70/100-17 Front 90/100-14 Rear T, Details: dunlop, soft, front, rear, tyres, honda, small, wheel, home, shipping, Used, Caster A pair of manual wheelchair front whe, Details: honda, small, wheel, swingarm, require, bearings, useable, comes, photos, show, Details: honda, swing, small, wheel, bidding, armscuffs, bushed, goodjust, need, clean, Details: wheels, aluminium, platinum, motocross, honda, small, wheel, allow, weeks, delivery. Since then. So I just sold my girlfriends KX 80 small wheel because we decided it was now too small for her. I think the small wheel has a 48 tooth sprocket and the big wheel has a 55 tooth sprocket. Not sure exactly if those sizes are exact but it is something like that. Smoke and pet free home. mint condition small box car trailer, with spare wheel, covering for top, locking wheel nut etc. Nothing on this bike has been hacked, botched, “Mickey-Moused” or otherwise.

The rear shock seals and oil have been changed as well. you should get the big wheel not only that its bigger it will last longer it doesnt matter if u are too short for it because you will grow into it. 2007 HONDA CR85R BIG WHEEL BIKE. It was completely original (except for the Renthal handlebar setup), had barely been ridden and clearly never saw any mud. 60.0. 2007 CR85R. Im seeing they built a big wheel and Im wondering what the difference was in wheel size between the two? The size is on the side of the tire. 2003 CR85R Big Wheel for sale (19in front wheel / 16in rear wheel), $1300. search on to bing and yahoo. NEW PRO AIR EXTRA HEAVY DUTY 2.5mm FRONT INNER small amount of rust on passenger side in the boot, also drivers side over wheel arch and a small whole in sill by rear wheel arch. You can get over a grand tied up real easily between the wheels and the swingarm. It still has all of the original plastic and even the factory decals and labeling throughout. wheel is in good order no cracks or buckles and has not been weldedthere may be the odd small mark as it is a used wheel.

they must, I would think. Motocross Bikes, 2005 Honda Cr Series 85RB, CR 85RB big wheel, has Renthal bars,ASV clutch lever, new back fender, side number plates and new front sprocket.

Other upgrades include an oversized Mishimoto radiator and silicone hoses. it can assist! From, Japanese Motorcycle Encyclopedia, Honda CR85R / CR85RB Expert: Owners Manual,, Inverted telescopic fork 37 mm (fully adjustable), 245 mm / 9,6 in, Swingarm Pro-link with mono-shock (fully adjustable), 275 mm / 10,8 in – CR85R.

2pcs alloy abs wheelchair front castor wheel. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

appreciated. On the sides of the frame where your riding boots normally rub, the paint had no visible wear. I purchased this bike this past summer (2014) for my son, who was a beginning rider. WHEELS ARE MADE TO ORDER SO PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 the wheel has a small scuffed/curbed area on outer rim (see pic 4), pic was taken before wheel was cleaned up. Engine work done by Eric Gorr - small overbore, low/mid porting, head cut for higher compression (race gas). A great cr85 small ... Home About Us Shipping Payments View Feedback small wheel pitbike wheel rear wheel #1. My son says it's to big for him so I found him a regular kx85. The tire size is the only difference, hence the whole big wheel thing. The item will be shipped by air m... HONDA CR85 SMALL WHEEL YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE wheel trims £5 for good wheel trim 2nd one has a small chip out of it bogof. small scuff on one wheel & tyre pressure sensor missing on one wheel. Bike has much more torque than stock and still plenty of top end power. Models Honda CR85R 2003-2007 (Europe, North America, Australia) Honda CR85RB Expert

Seems that the Big wheel wouldnt be called the Big wheel without bigger wheels? The top end was professionally done about 20 hours ago with a new Wiseco piston and ring.


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