black dragon society chicago
Although it never had more than several dozen members[citation needed] at any one time during this period, the close ties of its membership to leading members of the government, military and powerful business leaders gave it a power and influence far greater than most other ultranationalist groups.

The Sea, the Breath of Life, the Tradition, and the Family.

[16] One had only to mail order for his instructional booklet World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets (in which he outlined the "Dance of Death") and they would also receive a free Black Dragon Fighting Society membership card. [6], In the Manzanar Internment Camp, a small group of pro-Imperial Japanese flew Black Dragon flags and intimidated other Japanese inmates.[7][8].

Community See All. Count Juan Raphael Dante (born John Timothy Keehan; February 2, 1939 – May 25, 1975) was an American martial artist figure during the 1960s and 1970s who claimed he could do extraordinary feats such as Dim Mak. [17], The Black Dragon Fighting Society founded by Count Dante is an American martial arts organization and has no connection with and should not be confused with the Japanese Black Dragon Society, an ultranationalist secret society during the 1930s and 1940s. In Max Brooks' book The Zombie Survival Guide (published in 2003 by Three Rivers Press) the Black Dragons are portrayed as a unit of the WWII Japanese military. Akashi, who was not directly a member of the Black Dragons, ran successful operations in China, Manchuria, Siberia and established contacts throughout the Muslim world. Coming soon However, he was granted use of the BDFS name and provided a key to Keehan’s office able to access all his materials in order to assist in booking BDFS seminars and tournaments in the 1970’s.

[9], In Chicago, Keehan co-promoted America's first full-contact style martial arts tournament at the University of Chicago on July 28, 1963, and hosted many other such tournaments during the 1960s, pairing practitioners of different styles against one another.

According to FBI reports he was the instigator behind the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World, working through Ashima Takis.

These contacts in Central Asia were maintained through World War II.

Like they did in Russia and Manchuria the Black Dragon Society sponsored Kumite mixed style matches and formed Judo clubs on military installations. He taught these to the monks of the temple and they became a part of their daily life.

It also pressured Japanese politicians to adopt a strong foreign policy. Education . 641 likes.

… Hash-Inau-uk | Gallery Nucleus. Vic Moore, Grandmaster An expert at DIM MAK could easily kill many Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, and Gung Fu experts at one time with only finger-tip pressure using his murderous POISON HAND WEAPONS.


The International Fighting Arts Association Official Black Dragon Fighting Society is not a historical society of Keenan’s BDFS, it is not a martial style or secret society as in the past but is an international fraternal organization, as established out of South Africa.


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