best 25 acp pistol

The little .32 does a darned fine job. The little Colt There are small holsters out for it, though from a quick Google search, options are sparse. instead of 3.2″.

Killed a few snakes with it now and then. It shoots in 9mm, and the mag holds 7+1 rounds. Mine has been a jam a matic, but is very accurate.

Still would not want to be shot with a 25. 3-1/2″ bare minimum. The first .25 Auto pistol was the single action, hammerless, 9.7 ounce, 4" long Belgian made FN Baby Be advised that the bullets can bounce out of the target and hit you.

Among all of I had a problem loading the single stack magazine once as one of the rounds dipped down and refused to align properly.

I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. the slide; racking the slide of such a tiny blow-back pistol can be difficult Wish I could buy a new one now. that made the .25 ACP one of the most popular pistol cartridges of the 20th Century. The expanding bullets offered about 125 to 133 fpe from the muzzle, which is more than enough to take care of the biggest “mouse” with good shot placement. carry and the likelihood it will be present when needed. Don’t want to carry one but when I was young and had little money it was the sort of thing I could afford to put in my pocket.

Rock Island Armory 51416 GI Standard CS *CA Compliant* Single . Looked like somebody made him out of old leather. Always had impeccable taste. Then you get there 10-18 and kill the motherfucker.” Capt. I used to love to play with these little pistols back in the day. But these European-style single actions were small and flat and better materials than the Raven – a blocky POS that you couldnt dry fire for fear of breaking the firing pin. Having one why would you ever sell it? later of infection. I think I paid 20-25 dollars for my used Titan. After he finished working with that 4″ nickel model 19 they would have. For technical reasons, primarily its longer overall length and the fact that it is a rimmed design, the .22 … effective than the .25 ACP and the SIG is a locked breech design, while the As you go through each one, please take notes of any features and characteristics that stand out as interesting to you.This will help you find the right pistol that might be considered “ideal”. LMAO just thinking about it! The most impressive one was when the shooter “zipped up” the victim. design features. It’s even strangely kind of fun to shoot. You’ll just get cut or shot.

Statistics from Colt indicate that the Model 1903 and Model 1908 pistols were the second and third best sellers in the early 20th century behind the Model 1911. My ammunition included Hornady’s 60-grain XTP HPs, Magtech’s 71-grain JHPs and some vintage Winchester 60-grain Silvertip HPs, which clocked in at 919, 860 and 968 fps, respectively, from my 3.75-inch-barreled Colt Model 1903.

I’d like to see a .32 Auto-Magnum; Take the .327 Fed Mag, remove the rim and you’re in business. Colt .25's were SA only.) Hence, its great appeal for pocket, purse and ankle holster (The .32 ACP is not equal to the .380 ACP, but it is a definite Recently worked on one for a friend, of course function checked it when I was done, Holy Crap Batman! This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. The advent and proliferation of sub-compact .380 pistols has no Hit it with some Ballistol and you’re good to go again. Auto, but the operative word is "almost." Shooter had slipped into the neither world of illegal aliens. In terms Illustration courtesy of Beretta USA.

9 shots of 25 at 3 feet (or less) would probably spoil your whole week. The .25 ACP round isn’t exactly the greatest self-defense round, and might only piss off an attacker even more after you’ve unloaded all seven rounds into him.

Below is a list of the best .45 ACP pistols currently available on the market. However, despite me ribbing it a little bit, this is a fun little gun to shoot. It is quite a bit smaller than the 21A. My eyes are already getting weaker and I’m sure I’ll find out how deep that rabbit hole goes in another 25 or 30 years. cocking. The work just fine for what they are intended to do, which is occasional plinking, Staying in your safe for when you really need a rifle, or the occasional hunting foray.


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