are gooseberries edible

There are several different species of Although I am confused with the information I read about it. The fruit inside is small and green as it matures the husks dry and the fruit turns an orange golden yellow—like the yolk of an egg from a happy, pastured hen. (Ribes hirtellum). They are in raised beds that are in a non-heated hoop house. Call 1-800-392-1111 to report poaching and arson, Grossulariaceae (currants and gooseberries). Trees & Shrubs website:

How to Harvest Gooseberries. It is canned whole or made into jam. They are now headed over to the neighboring box—in hindsight I should have staked them. Favorite cultivated gooseberries usually are derived from the Old World species R. uva-crispa (sometimes called R. grossularia), which is often hybridized with the North American species R. hirtellum (often called the American or hairy-stem gooseberry, it is not native to Missouri). Despite the prickles, they are edible. Already a Member? This is a trademarked name and from what I can tell it hasn’t overtaken the slightly confusing moniker of Cape Gooseberry, alias the Goldenberry. That said when sheltered they will live through the winter.

(Ribes cynosbati)

Canadian subscriptions: 1 year (includes postage & GST). Some people recommend harvesting them when they drop. In the autumn, gooseberry bushes catch and hold dead leaves in their low-lying branches, giving good cover for the soil and for various kinds of small animals. Birds that eat berries, including gooseberries, include catbirds, thrashers, robins, and waxwings. Leaves are simple, alternate or clustered, 1–2 inches long or wide, overall shape is round to broadly egg-shaped, the base cut back sharply to slightly rounded, the margin with 3 or 5 lobes, lobes with teeth rounded to pointed; both surfaces hairy; undersurface more densely hairy and paler green than above; the leaf stalk slender, ½–1 inch long, hairy. The shape of the fruit in your photo certainly resembles goldenberry (Physalis peruviana).).

A small yellow flower gives way to a green pod that looks like Chinese lanterns. Plenty of time to harvest very ripe berries suited to eating out of hand and plenty of under-ripe berries to preserve. Missouri gooseberry is our state’s most widespread and common gooseberry.

This fruit is absolutely delicious in pies and jellies.

The gooseberry is quite unappreciated as a dessert fruit in the U.S. Foxes, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, and mice also eat the fruits and ultimately disperse the seeds away from the parent plant.

(Ribes oxyacanthoides) few. At this point you can gently peel the husk back and check the color. Wild Gooseberry A bright, nutritionally packed, little fruit with an identity crisis. visit the Ontario

So why Cape?

Similar species: Not counting cultivated gooseberries, Missouri has 4 species in genus Ribes (pronounced RYE-beez) that may be encountered in natural habitats. Trunk has the outer bark thin, papery, tan to brown, with spines (modified leaf stalks) and few to many recurved prickles (prickles that bend away and back; these are outgrowths of the bark). We protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife of the state. Seasons/Availability A typical Gooseberry-type leaf.

In this effort to pack these nutritionally packed antioxidant berries into our grocery bags there is another name, perhaps an attempt to rebrand, introducing…the Pichuberry. Gooseberries are a favorite fruit for pies, cobblers, jams, and jellies. But it seems nobody is quite happy with that name and you will also see these same fruits labeled Peruvian Ground Cherry, Husk Cherry, or Poha—Hawaiian they are naturalized there as well. However a few sources say they are actually native to Brazil and naturalized in Peru and Chile a long time ago. In fact, eating 1 cup (150 grams) of gooseberries …


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