anaconda fighter build

✔ The hybrids weapons draw a LOT of power. Im looking to do some bounty hunting and recently bought myself an anaconda.

For example with a fGunship, Anaconda or iCutter in order to exhaust the opponent (and destroy his morale if in PvP) while inflicting constant damage. You will have to make sacrifices and equip only what is necessary for a specific task… unless you mod it, and it will be the best small combat ship in-game. Its power Distributor is quite weak, modify the capacity/regen Rank V or put a Guardian distributor in there (though, it heats more). Your Thrusters, Life Support, Sensors and FSD if it is not priority 4. 2) There’s a second step in damage reduction that’s used only for hulls – Hardness. There are no further defences applied at this point, as the Hull armour has already done its work (even for external modules, they’re assumed to have toughened outer surfaces). When you see a blue line going from front to back on the enemy ship, that means he’s trying to replenish his shields! For Shields I have a 7C Bi-weave shield with G5 thermal res. An assassin looking for a dangerous fugitive? The goal is to be invisible to the eyes of the enemy wether on the radar or direct visual. It manages your speed forward AND backward as well. Small, nimble and a challenge to fly in heavy combat, its a great little fighter, however it's a little underpowered in weapons capability and is most effective as part of a wing.

Since I don't know your budget or your requirements this is a stock standard budget PvE Conda. 9) After dealing damage there’s one final step of applying secondary effects to the ship and/or modules hit.

It has a fighter bay and is the most tanky wide heavy ship thanks to its hull. There are two good websites to fit your ships, E:D Shipyard as well as Coriolis, according to your preferences. Unlike the FAS who likes to boost very regularly, the Chieftain prefers to play in the blue speed zone.

Boasting a total of eight weapon hardpoints, the Anaconda is a formidable combat ship. Charge it, release it. Its weapons are perfectly aligned for head-on combat. The targets are always alerted when scanned. Notes: 2 medium and 2 large weapons. Notes: The Viper MkIV is a Viper MkIII with less speed, shields and maneuverability… but with more armour and much more power; This allows the MkIV to equip better Class 5 shields and equip larger modules. You can also use Advanced Plasma Accelerators for a better effect. The Federal Assault is much more maneuverable and faster than its cousin the Dropship. More Frag, my favourite weapon. They are modded to inhibit enemy Cells. So a small pulse laser (20) would deal full damage to a sidewinder (also 20), but less than a third damage to an anaconda (65). The different Scanners, FSD if you are very fast (>450 m/s), Drones Modules, Repair System, Shields/Boosters/Cells. The enemies will have a tough time killing you or understanding that you should not be the priority target, thus losing time during the fight. Only thing that might slow you down is soloing wing assassinations. Equipped for the interception of targets in supercruise, they generally have weapons inflicting colossal damage at the cost of a great consumption of energy. All gimballed multicannons is a good build to start with though cause it costs less and does more damage faster. By far, the most complicated of all as you will need to use Silent Running while not frying your ship and your pilot down, flying with Fly Assist Off, aiming at your target… yup, you need to master your art! It’s not “the best”, it all depends on its builds, but it’s a very good challenge to play and to fight. 1) Target a subsystem when you attack. Going Silent Running will close your heat vents allowing for the heat dissipation from your ship.

For example with an aChieftain, iClipper or Mamba in order to easily catch your targets and make hit&run maneuvers with Alpha strikes. Shields are your best defense using the high base value of the FdL shields to place a C4 Prismatic and a C5 Cell coupled to no less than 6 Shield Boosters. Everything around you is hit! With the biggest possible DPS of the game if played correctly, the Type 10 can cause very heavy damage and scare away Cutters if it wishes. You can reduce the amount of recharged shields with a Railgun mod called Feedback Cascade. As for the weapons, I decided to go with 2 turreted medium pulses on the sides with 2 large turreted pulses on top, these 4 lasers will take care of smaller ships that outmaneuver you, they really shine when you're fighting a wing of smaller ships. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. To counter the courier, make it use its ineffective lateral and vertical thrusters. Very handy, very powerful, very fast, excellent lateral/vertical thrusters but little power in the power plant and a low jump range. Like I explained earlier, there are different gameplay types. It is very effective in wing combat if it is not the primary target.

If you're a reasonable pilot please consider using fixed pulses as the Anaconda in FA-off is plenty maneuverable. These are specialized in maneuvrability in order to out-turn their opponents and weaken them constantly. Its maneuverability is high but its lower speed only slightly exceeds the Type 10’s. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The imposing Vulture is very popular with former Viper players because it has the same strengths and the same weaknesses. Notes: 2 medium and 3 large weapons. The damage dealt will be split between the hull and this module in a ratio determined by the weapon – most of them deal the majority (80%+) to the module. My Anaconda, the Fragda: Fragmentation Cannons and tanky enough to counter large ships in PvP. Fighters are hunters based with excellent shields and their great firepower to get the enemies down before losing their shields or too much hull. Notes: 3 small weapons + 1 medium + 2 large. Notes: What is this? 3) Next we decide if the shot has penetrated the armour. Bi-weave will keep you going for longer than regular shields, theyre slightly weaker but recharge much faster. 10) Remember that the blue zone of your speed is the area where maneuverability is the best. Choose your combat zone and release your two Ship Launched Fighters. Gestion de communautés, analyses, traductions, réseaux sociaux et bases de connaissances. Not to be used against medium agile ships, it has special anti-large gameplay. Win. Ce contenu n'est disponible qu'en français. Krait MkII (Class 5-6) 9. With so many weapons, the Anaconda can retaliate easily, but against it I would advise you to attack it from below, towards the rear. The rest of the internals are the typical A everything but sensors and life support, a B5 fuel scoop and three class 4 hrp with a 2a interdictor in case I need it.

The main intent of this mechanic is not to penalise small ships, but to make large weapons effective against large ships without one-shotting smaller vessels – they don’t actually do that much more flat damage than a small weapon but by piercing much better are far more effective against the harder target.


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