advantages and disadvantages of regional rural bank

Till 1 January 2013, 22 RRBs had already been amalgamated into 9 RRBs. Rural development is discussed in this assignment with the different components that it exists out of. This study focuses on exploring the adoption of ICT by youths in rural area. Some officers go out of their way and join NGOs, attend seminars, and other events to gain an edge over other employees to grow in their careers.

Initially, there were 196 regional rural banks operating in 28 states with nearly 14,700 branches. As per our recent RBI report, “The RRBs have fared well in achieving the objective of providing access to weaker sections of the society to institutional credit but the recovery position on the whole is not satisfactory.”.

The rural population in India represented a big unexploited market.

Although RRBs were set up in order to provide a low cost alternative to the operation of commercial bank branches, particularly in the rural areas but the functioning of RRBs was not up to the mark. Besides, the RRBs have been permitted by the RBI to deploy a part of their surplus non-statutory liquidity Ratio fund in the credit portfolio of their sponsor banks.

Recently, after amalgamation, the number of RRBs has been reduced to 92. You can download the top 10  ebooks important for IBPS RRB PO/ Clerk by clicking on the link given below: Download The Important Top 10 Free Ebooks For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Exam Here, Weekly Current Affairs For Different Banking & Govt. In order to raise the degree of viability of regional rural banks, some suggestions may be advanced in the following manner: 1. 4. The employees of Regional Rural Banks help these people by providing them loans, assist them in agricultural finance and other necessary facilities, thereby helping in the development of rural or backward areas. Considering the gross absence of banking facilities in the rural areas of the country, the Reserve Bank of India in consultation with the Central Government, State Governments and some major nationalized sponsored banks had set up some Regional Rural Banks in the late 1970s with a view to elevate the economic status of the rural poor as well as to inculcate a habit of saving among the rural masses. Recapitalisation 8. Read along to check the details: Salient Features of the Video Course – Prepare with Oliveboard. 2. To take your preparation in the right direction, Oliveboard has come up with not just Online mock tests but also live online courses that will make your IBPS RRB Online Preparation a lot easier. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Some of the major ones being the Shiv Nadar Foundation for urban development, the HCL Foundation to promote rural progress, GoGreen for environment friendly and sustainable processes, HCL displays a willingness to motivate social responsibility from its very roots and adopting it as part of their culture holistically rather than consider it a liability. Consolidation 11. Advantages Disadvantages of Regional Rural Bank, 2. Rural development consist out of different components of which will be mentioned. Regional Rural Banks have also established functional superiority over other commercial banks of the country.

Accordingly, the central government share works out to Rs 1,100 crore. Therefore, it is conspicuous that ecotourism is influential to the whole world since ecotourism can bring both advantages and disadvantages to all people in terms of economic and environmental aspects. sake of local development and the funds are not transferred to other areas or other branches. Penetration level in rural areas was substantially lower than in urban areas. Progress of Regional Rural Banks in India 3. The Committee to Review Arrangements for Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Rural Development (CRAF1CARD) has also indicated the same above mentioned reasons responsible for growing non-viability of RRBs. Introduction to Regional Rural Banks of India 2. Puts failure burden on the poor: If it fails, it puts the burden of the fall on the poor since it will not be able to provide some basic needs to the poor. Thus the process of merger in 196 RRBs, spread over 14,496 branches in 518 districts in India has quietly begun. Functional Superiority 5.  Promotes Regional Balance: 3. Twitter. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Advantages and Disadvantages of Regional Banks. RRBs have limited options in the products and services they offer compared to commercial banks. These include: (i) RRBs can set up its branches mostly in unbalanced and under-banked areas; (ii) The lending operations of RRBs are very much confined to target group composed of small borrowers of rural and semi-urban areas; and. The main objective of regional rural banks in India is to advance credit and other facilities, especially to small and marginal farmers, agricultural labourers, artisans and small entrepreneurs in order to develop agriculture, trade, commerce, industry and other usual productive activities in different rural areas of the country. In order to support the rural banking sector in recent years, Regional Rural Banks have been set up all over the country with the objective of meeting the credit needs of the most under privileged sections of the society. In 1993-94, 173 out of the country’s 196 RRBs incurred losses to the tune of Rs 310 crore. They promote development in rural areas by assisting rural people (, A lot of you may still have apprehensions about applying for, However, in the following article, Advantages Disadvantages of Regional Rural Bank we have listed the, RRB Employees also attend workshops/training (apart from their regular work) conducted by the Government to learn more about, Compared to commercial banks, jobs in RRBs are less stressful and have, It goes without saying, that rural areas don’t have the luxurious lifestyle of metro cities and therefore are much cheaper.

This will ensure that you spend less and save more. Over the last three years, the credit-deposit ratio of RRBs had also declined from 85.6 in 1989-90 to as low as 68.7 in 1991-92. In 1992, the loan over dues stood at Rs 1,314 crore. TOS4. This achievement is noteworthy if we consider that the number of branches of RRBs (1,193) was even lower than that of other scheduled commercial banks (1,361). Though the Unit Banking has a number of advantages, it doesn’t mean, “The International Year of Eco-tourism” due to its imperative role in sustainable development. The RRBs have been advised to prepare bank specific development action plans to enable them to adopt a systematic approach for their turn around. This is done by developing the economy through the existing potentials in that area. The Government has taken the initiative of consolidating Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) sponsored by the same bank within a state. Register Here For A Free Mock Test. These Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) have been receiving a high degree of importance and attention in the rural credit system. RRBs have been playing an important role in credit delivery in rural areas.

These services include the, What are the components of rural development? Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. The study examines the impact of how ICT is adopted and critically scrutinize its disadvantages.

This figure compares favorably with that of opening of 521 branches in 2010-11 and 299 branches in 2009-10. It goes without saying, that rural areas don’t have the luxurious lifestyle of metro cities and therefore are much cheaper. cities and towns, leaving the rural population being spread over a vast land mass and meaning delivering many, “Cities concentrate poverty, but they also represent the best hope of escaping it.” This paper will discuss, with reference to examples, whether I agree with the view that the potential benefits of urbanisation far outweigh the disadvantages.


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