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The Vulcain story began in 1858 The Ditisheim brothers enriched the history of Swiss haute horlogerie, the high-level craftsmanship of watchmaking. Case: Stainless steel; diameter 42mm; height 8.60mm; water resistant to 5 bar (50 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.

Movements Regular followers of horological trends cannot fail to have noticed that blue dials are en vogue.

It’s one thing to put an alarm in a watch; it’s another thing to make them loud enough to be functional. If you’re a fan of classic watchmaking skills and you like mechanical complications, you might want to take a look at Vulcain watches. Water resistance will vary by model, but some models offer up to 1000 meters of resistance, making these rock-solid timepieces. Everything is beautifully clean and the meaning is clear. All Rights Reserved!

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The brand featured the first watch with a reliable and audible alarm, and U.S presidents Johnson, Eisenhower, and Truman all …

Vulcain watches have a long history of innovation, starting with their Cricket and President’s models, which were among the world’s first to feature an audible alarm. The dial of the Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch in steel is beautiful and it flirts with light to glorious effect.

The case is charmingly executed and the movement finishing is of a high standard, especially given the modest asking price of $3,750.00. Indeed, the colourway of this vintage-look Vulcain timepiece is bewitching.

The Arabic numerals feature three angles, a faceted top, flat centre and a faceted bottom, resulting in contrasting episodes of darkness and brilliance. The applied hour markers, consisting of batons and Arabic numerals, are delivered in a gleaming silvery form.

Your purchase is warranted for two years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Movement: Calibre Vulcain V-56, self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 25 jewels; power reserve 42 hours. As with many luxury items, distribution and pricing is strictly controlled by the manufacturer.

If you like complications and skeleton models so you can see them, then these watches are worth your consideration. Strap: ‘Gradient blue’ leather strap supplied on a steel pin buckle.

As all of their watches include mechanical movements, care and maintenance are a bit more involved than they would be for quartz-powered watches. The build quality is exceptional; they use stainless steel, gold and titanium in their cases. While their products are exceptionally well made, the warranty offered with the purchase is merely average.

The movements are Swiss-made, of course, and are either automatic or mechanical. Their build quality is great, their production is small and their reputation is solid. 560156D35.BAC135 which charms onlookers with its breathtaking blue dial. The watches are thoroughly tested at the factory prior to shipping, so defects are likely quite rare. During the so-called quartz crisis in the 1980s the name Vulcain quietly disappeared from the dials, the market for high-quality mechanical wristwatches collapsed. After the Cricket was invented in 1947, it soon came to the attention of President Harry Truman and thereafter Vulcain became a popular choice of wristwatch for several American presidents. Copyright © 2020 Escapement Magazines All Right Reserved. Vulcain Watches Review – Complications and Innovation, Vulcain watches have a long history of innovation, Vulcain watches are limited in production, Tag Heuer Watches Review - Innovation, Luxury, and Sports, Breil Watches Review - Italian Styling and Swiss Quality, Hublot Watches Review - Inventive Style and Great Quality, Tamlee Watches Review - Interesting Styling, Stuhrling Original Watches Review - Great Styling and Quality, Rado Watches Review - Stylish and Dependable, The Amazing Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, US Polo Assn Watches Review - Casual and Affordable, Welder Watches Review - Industrial Looks and Great Quality.

Originally creating fine pocket watches, it wasn’t until the early forties, in the midst of WWII, that the company turned its attention to the manufacture of wristwatches. Bracelets and straps are gold, stainless steel, leather and rubber, depending on the model. 1961 the companies Revue, Vulcain, Buser and Phénix merged to form the Manufactures d'Horlogerie Suisse Réunis SA (MSR). Models are available with steel, gold or titanium cases. This is the industry average and most companies offer a similar warranty. Care and Maintenance With proper care, these timepieces should run well for many years, if not decades. The central sweep seconds hand interfaces with the minute track which is neatly scribed with white markings and Arabic numerals. I'll be the first to admit, this isn't a watch for everyone, and wearing everyday may present some challenges. This particular model has the Cricket Calibre V-21 movement, in-house developed and self-winding. Models start at just under $4000 and are priced up to about $50,000 or so. A lattice-like motif graces the vertical flank of the crown, introducing another tasteful flourish of style to the case. Functionality has not been sacrificed on the alter of style. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This is a marvellous watch, equipped with a becoming blue dial and suffused with an array of pleasing attributes.

Viewing the dial from an array of angles and in different light conditions grants an array of alternative hues. Above 6 o’clock, the date is presented in black text against a white background, once again, delivered with superb lucidity. However, when I first saw the Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch in steel at Baselworld 2016, I felt a strong urge to touch it, try it on and appraise its beguiling blue dial at close quarters. Read on for the full Vulcain watches review. Vulcain, the Swiss watch company based in Le Locle, is synonymous with the alarm watch. Summary.

But it was another of the fa…

The more expensive models either feature elaborate complications or are limited editions. The watch I received from Le Locle is the Vulcain Cricket 50s Presidents Watch, reference 210150.278LF.

Where to Buy Extremely accurate mechanical watches, some with manual winding mechanisms, some automatic, and with additional complications including chronometer, date display, moon phase or tourbillon.

Quite simply, lame excuses for lateness cannot be proffered by the wearer of a Cricket timepiece. Adjacent the domed sapphire crystal, a slender bezel, made of polished steel, sharply tapers downwards to the caseband where it meets a vertical strip of brushed steel, delivering delightful contrast.

Among watch collectors and aficionados, older manufacturers and those that make mechanical models and watches with complications have long been popular. To the rear of the case, an exhibition caseback provides sight of the self-winding movement within.

Prices Placing the watch upon the wrist provides an unobtrusive, comfortable fit with the arm.

Interestingly, the blue leather strap which accompanies the watch is very unusual, sporting a graduated blue surface, similar in concept to the striking blue dial. The Calibre Vulcain V-56 is a self-winding movement featuring 25 jewels and capable of 42 hours autonomous operation.

Vulcain, the Swiss watch company based in Le Locle, is synonymous with the alarm watch. The Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch in steel is 42mm in diameter, delivered in stainless steel and sized to suit a broad cross-section of potential purchasers. Although the Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch in steel references the aesthetics of the original 1950s Cricket watch it eschews the maison’s iconic alarm function.

They have been for some time and the demand for the regal shade shows no signs of abating. As this is an older brand with a history of innovation and complications, there is collector interest in the brand, and older, and out-of-production models do sell for premium prices on the collector’s market. Copyright © 2020. aBlogtoWatch.


However, the character of this watch make its whole greater than the sum of its parts.

A few skeleton models are available if you want to see the works inside your timepiece. Sure, it’s easy to make an inexpensive, highly accurate quartz watch, but there’s a lot to be said for the technical skill and innovation that come with building a reliable and attractive mechanical watch and in that arena, these watches are exceptional. I requested this particular one for review as I love the dial colour (charcoal grey) and comes on a nice leather alligator strap. These movements are made in-house and aren’t brought in from third parties. Moreover, its relatively shallow case height of 8.60mm ensures that the watch sits neatly below a shirt cuff and does not unduly protrude above the arm.

Win This Traser P67 Officer Pro Chronograph. Throughout the case, polished steel is mainly employed, hence the said strip of brushed steel tempers matters wonderfully. While growing up, my mother would always remark, ‘look with your eyes, not with your hands’, an adage which will no doubt be familiar to many adults of my generation. The usual varieties offered include captivating mid and dark blue tones. However, as the 50s Presidents’ Watch illustrates, there is no need for an alarm in order to confer delight. This is a highly practical ownership proposition with an eminently clear and simple to interpret dial.

Innovation This is a dial which is fascinating to behold. Founded in Switzerland in 1858, Vulcain watches are still built today using old-school manufacturing techniques, with mechanical movements and elaborate complications.

The oscillating mass is adorned with Côtes de Genève motif, the mainplate is circular grained and numerous blued screws feature. Indeed, I defy anyone to sleep through the high-volume, cacophonous sound emanating from the case of a Vulcain alarm watch. Its legendary ‘Cricket‘ model employs a high frequency hammer to deliver a rousing mechanical reveille, capable of waking the most determined sleeper. This innovation made the Vulcain watches popular with American presidents starting with Harry S. Truman, earning the brand its reputation as “The Watch for Presidents”. Vulcain will be forever be associated with the Cricket alarm watch, a timepiece capable of stirring the most determined sleeper. The hour and minute hands are also faceted, again ensuring that at least 50% of their profile is brilliantly gleaming at any one time.

Find all Vulcain watch reviews, new Vulcain watch releases, Vulcain prices, original photos, news and discussion. The company managed to do that, but they also offer other complications, including the date, phases of the moon and the increasingly popular tourbillon. Founded in Switzerland in 1858, Vulcain watches are still built today using old-school manufacturing techniques, with mechanical movements and elaborate complications.

So often, a dial has its practicality impaired in the pursuit of style.

The Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch in steel is 42mm in diameter, delivered in stainless steel and sized to suit a broad cross-section of potential purchasers.

Placing the watch upon the wrist provides an unobtrusive, comfortable fit with the arm.


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