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It's not such a big deal as we Specializing in Thompson Center Contender Barrels and Thompson Center Encore barrels. Some items may be paid for by Paypal (no serial numbered parts) manually, contact Marty to discuss how that can be done. If you don't see something you would like, email me for a quote and availability. This isn't new news to alot of us that work in the TC products world everyday. Co-developed by Performance Center and Thompson/Center Arms™, the Performance Center T/C® T/CR22 rimfire rifles operate using the reliable T/CR22 semi-automatic rifle action and 10 round rotary magazine, while maintaining compatibility with most aftermarket 10/22® parts and accessories. And here at MGM we offer the best variations, with the most customization on the market. Our custom gun builder offers you unprecedented options, to get you the best custom built Thompson Center Contender barrel available, built exactly how you want it. Thompson Center Custom Shop is closed.

Our Thompson Center Contender’s are top of the line, machined perfectly to give you one of the straightest shooting barrels on the market. Maybe the last time they had contacted Custom Shop was perhaps years the last time they had a pet project they were interested in like a new caliber made in an Encore or Prohunter barrel. Then look no further as we have them all listed. and wonder where they'll go to get custom chambers, contours,

Boasting a legacy that began with the original Contender® pistol in 1967, Thompson/Center is the leading gunmaker producing switch-barrel firearms and versatile shooting platforms.

Get exclusive coupons, announcements, and helpful tips for free! orders for and sold so many of the TC Custom Shop produced I will ship frames to all 50 states including California!

All items listed for sale on this website are subject to availability.

Creating Memories For Generations to Come. Who knows, probably not. Thanks, Thompson Center Encore Frames/Actions/Trigger Jobs, SSK-50/Contender/G2 Contender Platform Barrels/Bases, SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace FS1913, Accurizing- Hammer Entensions, Hinge Pins, Custom Ammo, HausOfArms April Review "Where Do I Begin", Eric's Africa Annotations - Our Final Day, Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck, Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom.

Feel free to use our online barrel builder, or shop our on-hand inventory. All due to our incredible attention to detail, and complimented with our shockingly fast turnaround time makes MGM custom gun barrels top of the line.

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And also not to be forgotten are Mike and Kurt Bellm  (located in Colorado) , they can rechamber, provide Bergara barrels and all you need to do your own trigger job on an Encore frame, not to mentionaworld of expertise and yes they answer emails.


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