sift practice test
Military service individuals, however, can contact their local education service center. C) Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion This will help you manage your anxiety, and hopefully, let you get a proper night’s sleep, This way you will be mentally alert on the day of the test. Required fields are marked *.

B) Only direction Excellent and honest post. Learn. No. This section allows for 45 seconds per question.

So, keep that in mind as you use this online practice exam. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Top Tip #3. Remember, the validity coefficients are generally between 0 and 1. However, this section was designed to test a candidates ability to quickly find hidden shapes inside a drawing. A) Static Friction & Diversionary Friction Many of the questions on the SIFT may seem easy, however, when the time component is added, it can become extremely hard. You’ll be glad you’re ready. Prepare a well-balanced meal before you leave for the test. But I’d only recommend picking this book up if you’ve already picked up The Complete SIFT Study Guide and want another crack at a practice test. No. If you need help preparing for your SIFT Exam, check out our SIFT Test Prep. The correct order of operations in mathematics is…. B) Newton’s 1st Law of Motion

Now that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans of this book. In the Hidden Figures section, you will have 5 minutes to complete 50 questions, which means you have about 6 seconds for each question. Get your materials ready the day beforePack your bag the day before the test so you make sure you don’t forget something. Instead, memorize the number of questions and time allocation for each section. It may seem simple, but you’re racing against a very unforgiving clock. Although this part of the test is quite basic, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following: In the Spatial Apperception section, you will be presented with an image of a horizon that typically contains water, land, and some sort of identifiable feature. Make sure you have a calculator with new batteries and any other equipment that you are allowed to bring into the test room. However, if you weren’t able to obtain a minimum score for the first time, you can retake the SIFT exam. For example, candidates who partake in a flight program with high cognitive functions and aviation experience achieve a better score. Your email address will not be published. However, validities can differ as per the testing standards of each industry or field. You’ll need to match up what outside point of view correlates to that of the pilot. Top Tip #8. A single main rotor helicopter requires –, A) A greater amount of cargo capacity What is the mode of the following sequence?

Our all in one portal allows you to practice questions, view videos, read expert written articles and access information on SIFT Testing Service all in one! The test will always present the shape in the same position, size, direction, etc. Do not underestimate the Simple Drawings section. To prepare for this section of the SIFT it is recommended that you have a look at the following topics: The Mechanical Comprehension Test section is similar to the Math Skills section as it also uses an adaptive testing method. A type of rotorcraft. Free Online SIFT Practice Tests just for you. Test. Top Tip #5. Click ‘Get Started’ below to learn more! to precisely match the right answer. D) None of the above. That’s only enough time to quickly scan the images, and click. Get started today. A) Ground Taxi If you are currently in the military, you should get in touch with your local servicing education center. In the Reading Comprehension section, you will be presented with a passage of text to read through and a few questions that relate to the text. The “0” doesn’t predict your academic or training grades in advance. A) Height

The time it takes to complete the SIFT exam can vary from candidate to candidate. Are all sections of the SIFT are equal predictors of your Aviation training performance? However, once the score validity gets through, your minimum score requirement might be different to correspond with a specific Aviation branch.


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