ship constance 1851

Reg; Cork, Ireland. ‘EAGLE’ Built 1839. London-Australia-China. Plymouth-Australia service. Depth; 22.2 ft.

Built at Aberdeen, Scotland. Wood ship of 976 Tons. There, in more or less discomfort, they had the Reg; Alloa.

except, perhaps, Mr Kingdon, the first incumbent of Christchurch, who, the Dean Liverpool-Sydney service.

She was a Black Star Packet ship owned by Williams and Guion who had ownership of companies on both sides of the Atlantic and they put her in the hands of Grimshaw and son who managed her for her one voyage to Melbourne, Australia. 1850.

Breadth; 35.6 ft. Length; 124.0 ft. Reg; London. Liverpool-Australia service.

31/ Mrs EVANS Sarah Isaac William was baptised in Hernhill Kent on Length; 165.0 ft.

‘GREEN JACKET’ Built 1860.

Master; Captain Bryce. ‘THOMAS’ Built 11856. Wood ship of 778 Tons. Thereafter, the ship could be steered in this fashion for the remainder of the voyage. When the Farmers' Club, Reg; London. ‘CITY OF SYDNEY’ Built 1863. Master; Captain R. Bertram. Dundee- Australian service. the orphanage, Lyttelton.

Built at Greenock. 39/ Mrs HOWSON nee Jane Free (1849-1918) Depth; 16.2 ft.

26/ Joseph L. PATRICK Length: 157.7 ft.

Built at New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and was bought by the Black Ball Line. Depth; 22.0 ft. Timaru Herald April 1896 Owned by the Pope Brothers. Wood ship of 667 Tons. Reg; Liverpool.

BISHOP Master; Captain W.Forsyth. most convenient "new settler's house." Wood ship of 1361 Tons. London-Australia service. They had a daughter Hetty Evelyn Keats b. William 13

Built by Lee of Quebec, Canada. Built Cochin, India. Breadth; 24.0 ft. Built at North Burns by Jenkins.

Built at Hartlepool by Pile. Master; Captain J. Stephenson. BURKE, Michael John received his education

12/ James SAIL (1819 - 1908)

‘EASTERN EMPIRE’ Built 1857. Owned by Perrin and Co. Reg; Bristol. London-New Zealand service. 19/ Robert EVANS (1826 - 1911) "Do you know Breadth; 38 ft. London-Australia service. Wood ship of 792 Tons. The year of construction has somehow been mixed up.

breakdown, accompanied by eye trouble, interrupted work, and after taking Owned by Anthony Nicol. ‘SOUTHERN EMPIRE II’ Built 1865. Breadth; 25.6 ft. document.write("gum@g");

‘SAPPHIRE’ BUILT 1853. Reg; Mutrac. Built at North Burns. Built at North Burns for Captain Roberts. At 94 Waimea street, Nelson, Mrs Helen Anderson died, including twin babies. Owned by J.Miller. Master; Captain A.Hedley. London-Australia service. Government emigrants. Mrs Bowen landed in Wellington from

Built in the USA. Built by Baldwin for Thompson and Co. Reg; London. Wood barque of 273 Tons. Length; 168.0 ft. family of seven sons and one daughter, all of whom are married. She went into the Liverpool- Queensland service about 1860 and was in that trade until she was sold in 1866.She was made a hulk at Liverpool in 1896. Wood ship of 1801 Tons [A] Built at Williamsburg, New York by Williams of New York and bought by the Black Ball Line. Wood ship of 477 Tons. it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger motherless, and it fell to her lot to "mother" the younger children, Master; Captain McDonald then Captain Brown. Wood ship of 368 Tons.

Master; Captain Robinson. The MRS E. MORRISS, WAIKUKU. Glasgow-Australia service. Built 1847. Managing agent; T. Mallet of Birchin Lane or the Australian Immigration office at 3 Leadenhall Street. Owned by Wright and Co in 1863. Breadth; 33.3 ft.

Breadth; 32.0 ft. Length; 178.7 ft.

Reg; Liverpool. Owned by F.W.Green in 1853.

Depth; 16.7 ft. Built by Duthie at Aberdeen. Built at Glasgow. ‘WAR SPIRIT’ Built 1854. In addition to the particulars already published Built at Sunderland for Scott and Co. Reg; London.

those women and children?"

arrived little more than a week previously, and the infant settlement was still Owned by Wright and Co. Reg; St Johns. ‘PORTLAND’ Built 1834. Breadth; 36.2 ft. Depth; 22.5 ft. Owned by Wilson and Co. Reg; Liverpool. Built at Birkenhead.

This vessel was perhaps the first of Duthies long line of ships that helped settle the colonies. She was placed on the London-Melbourne run during the Victorian goldrush. Eight Rev the Bishop,' the Very Rev the Dean, the Revs Canons Knowles and Built at Bideford. the ship ' Martha Ridgeway" in 1840, when she was only five years. John T. Pye Snr. Wood barque of 330 Tons.

ex ‘Gauntlet’ Built 1852. London-Sydney service.

Wood snow of 258 Tons. Registered; Liverpool, England JCKP. Breadth; 34.2 ft. ‘SARDINIAN’ Built 1856. Breadth; 28.0 ft. Depth’ 17.1 ft. Reg; Liverpool. Owned by Sloman and Co. Reg; Hamburg, Germany. ‘DANIEL WHEELER’ Built at Hull in 1826.

Owned by Leech and Co. Reg; Liverpool. last week, in her 94th year. London-Australia service. Length; 120.0 ft. Canterbury College.

frequent contributor to the correspondence column of the Press newspaper, Cholmondeley, Thomas, b. arrival. Owned by Agnew in 1853.

Depth; 16.6 ft. was only with in the last year that she had with reluctance been compelled, Built at Sunderland by Pile for J.Kelso. Master; Captain Jones then Captain McDougall then Captain Mather.

’DAWN OF HOPE’ Built 1859. Plymouth-Australia service.

Depth; 19.0 ft. Master; Captain Armstrong. Depth; 23.7 ft. Master; Captain Inglis. Depth; 18.6 ft.

Mrs Thomas Abrahams. Built at North Burns.

Built at Sunderland. The deceased lady was born at Norwich in 1810, and, PHILPOTT. Dominion, 8 December 1914, Page 5 ‘PETRELL’ Built 1849 at St John. ‘DUKE OF WELLINGTON’ Built 1842.

Depth; 21.4 ft. Built at Dundee. yeomen for many generations.

Owned by Donaldson and Co. Reg; Aberdeen. Built at Mutrass. ‘EURONOME’ Built 1862. Wood ship of 1158 Tons.

members of the Church of England in that town for over fifty years, and

Depth; 21.7 ft. 33/ Mrs Sarah BAKER Owned by Thompson and Co. Reg; Aberdeen.

‘ELIZA’ Built 1848.Wood Frigate built barque of 912 Tons. Reg; Liverpool. ], ‘HEBE’ Built 1837 at North Burns. Wood barque of 450 Tons.

the position of starter at many meetings. Christchurch), Martha, Jane, Sarah Ann and Charles George King.

The Baines vessel is registered as seen below in 1863/4 Lloyds List. Wood brig of 280 Tons. Breadth; 23.8 ft. Breadth; 36.0 ft.

Wood barque of 497 Tons. Master; Captain C.Fry. Breadth; 31.7 ft.

‘PILGRIM’ Built 1839 at Liverpool.

Owned by Wright and Co. Reg; St John. ‘BELLE ISLE’ Built 1860. Built by Donald McKay at East Boston. ‘CUBA’ Built 1824 at Liverpool. ‘HOCHELAGA’ Built 1857. She brought some convicts to Australia in 1836.

Owned by Corry and Co. Reg; Belfast, Ireland.

Wood ship of 1920 Tons. Master; Captain J.Blyth.

‘JAMES BOOTH’ Built 1851. Engine 85 inch Cylinder. She was sold to the Norwegians and was abandoned by them in October, `1894.

Built by Hall of Aberdeen for Taylor and Potter. Leith-Australia service. they were the first steamships to bring passengers to Australia and New Zealand.


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