seadoo 587 engine specs
The RXP-X in 2009 and 2010 maintained the same MSRP of $13.699, neither incorporated the new iControl system. The iControl improvements do not come free.

It utilizes the same 1494cc 4-TEC base engine, but with a redesigned, faster spinning supercharger compared to the 185hp models introduced in 2003. With the addition of the new models, they have discontinued the RXT-X aS 260, and the GTX Limited iS 260 is now called the GTX Limited S 260. In 2004, the RXP is introduced with a MSRP of $8899. BRP calls this new control system iControl. The SPX has the same features as the 1995 XP with the 720 engine and the HX remains unchanged other than cosmetics. While Sea-Doo advertised this model as a three passenger, that claim was a bit of a stretch as it took delicate balance for three passengers to stay on the ski at slow speed. failed due to moisture. The GTX, GTI, GTX RFI, RX, RX DI, XP remain the same as in 2001. your engine compartment It included trim and a full gauge package on both the versions. The SeaDoo 587 had an overall length of 96 inches, width of 41.5 inches and height of 36.2 inches. Now the LCD information gauge is married to the ECU. The new GSX was a two passenger that was larger and more stable than the X4 hull although slower. Should you own a 2004 to 2007 it is highly recommended that you have the ceramic clutch washers replaced with metal. The 4-TEC engine ultimately becomes the only engine platform in the future as the 2-strokes become phase out over the next 5 years. The SPX was introduced and was by in large the same as the 1992 XP except with different colors. The seat included an adjustable shock absorber mounted at the rear and a pivot mount at the front, allowing the seat to move up and down with the passenger. Engine The RXP-X is now rated at 260hp. The 3D is introduced in 2005. As with the 800 RFI version, the 947 DI has the same 135 horsepower rating of the 947 carbureted engine, but it has improved emissions and fuel economy. The SP models remain unchanged for 1992.

Fuel/Air Parts

The RXP and RXT get a redesigned top cap with repositioned, wider handlebars that change the riding position. The XP was completely overhauled this year. Anti-Rattle Kits For Older Doos ! The GTX Limited, GTX, RXP, RXT, GTI SE, GTI, 3D and Wake remain basically the same as in 2006. The RXP-X and RXT-X both receive new style X-racing handlebars, seat and traction mats.

The GTX RFI is the same as the GTX Limited except it has the 800 RFI engine.   Also new for 2000 is the largest PWC in production, the LRV. However, the price of the 2014 GTX 215 Limited is $14,499. They added a new GTI 130 Pro, but the most exciting is Sea-Doo just opened up an entirely new category for personal watercraft. Both the GTX S 155 and the GTX Limited S 260 get 5.5” of suspension travel with a manual pre-load adjustment under the seat for passenger weight adjustment.

Notable exceptions were But the big news for 2012 is the all new RXP-X with the new T3 Hull, 260 HP and the Ergolock system that allows the passengers to lock in to the seat position for much more aggressive riding. While normally extended warranties are questionable, on the iS models it may make a lot of sense. the long run ! This 1997 XP was a drastic change in design and riding characteristics. The new SP design provided for engine, electrical system access and propulsion access under the seat.

1995 Sea-Doo Models

good shape. The all-new GTI 130 Pro was mainly designed for the commercial rental market, it’s available with or without iBR braking technology.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the new ST3 hull for the GTX 155/230, GTX Limited 230/300 Wake Pro 230, RXT 230 & the RXT-X 300. The price of the 2013 GTX 215 was $13,299.

The WAKE, a new specialty model is introduced targeted at the wake boarding market. The GS, GTS, GTI, GTX, GTX RFI, GSX RFI and XP are unchanged other than the word Limited is dropped from the models with 947 engines and the word Millennium is used on several models. Return to top The RX model was a larger two passenger hull compared to previous skis and was quite a bit heaver. The 3D came in two models, the base and premium. The XP is once again upgraded with the introduction of manual trim. The list price for the iBR/VTS replacement part alone is $900 compared to the old style VTS replacement part list price of $300.

Choke Cable Info Chart In 2000, a new DI (Direct Injection) 947 engine is introduced. In addition to the more horsepower compared to the 2007, WAKE the WAKE 215 also has trim. 2006 Sea-Doo Models 2000 Sea-Doo Models Clearly the RXP is not for the timid. The hull now used in the GTI series is a composite material as opposed to fiberglass. However, the clutches still require maintenance and need to be replaced and checked at end of their service life. The 1991 GT and SP were identical to the 1990 models with the exception of a grab handle being added to the SP model. The three models of the GTX (4-TEC, 4-TEC Supercharged and 4-TEC Limited Supercharged) are not changed much in 2005, other than the GTX 4-TEC Limited Supercharged increases to 215hp. What didn’t change, other than graphics, in 1997 were the HX, GTX and GSX (non-Limited).

Base price on the GTX iS was $16,499. The supercharger utilized ceramic clutch washers which were prone to fail. It had the 800 engine, a larger front storage area and a two piece seat. The 720 engine was rated 85 horsepower and the 800 was rated 110 horsepower. The ceramic washers were designed to allow slip between the driveshaft and supercharger impeller wheel.

In 2006, the 2-Stroke GTI series models are dropped and a new GTI platform is introduced. The GS, GTS, GTI, GSX Limited, GTX Limited, GTX RFI, XP Limited all remain the same as 1998 except for the graphics and colors. Considering all the improvements 2017 brought for hulls and motors; prices stayed within a hundred or so dollars of the same 2016 models except for the GTI and GTS models that received the 900 ACE motors this year. The yellow 587 engine is completely phased out in 1992. The GTX 215 from 2013 is replaced this year with a GTX 215 Limited version. The RXT-X also includes trim. Other than the engine changes they remain basically the same as 1997. 2008 Sea-Doo Models It included the 800 engine, electric trim, DESS feature and LCD information gauge. The RXP-X, RXTs, GTXs and Wake Pro models got a new Ergolock seat which is more narrow than the older versions with knee pockets for a more comfortable ride, the GTX models also get a more dramatic stepped seat design. The GTX is upgraded with the 657X engine and an optional touring seat available. While the Spark’s value and features are impressive and it will have a significant impact on the entire PWC industry, we will examine the Spark from a much different perspective in our 2014 model summary. Both the 1990 GT and SP where powered by a single carb 587 Rotax engine. 2009 Sea-Doo Models The 3D is eliminated from the lineup, making 2007 the last year for the 2-Stroke engine. The GTX model was upgraded to include the more powerful 657 engine, rear view mirrors and a complete gauge package. The SPX gains a few pounds back that it lost in 1998. In addition, we have a new GTR 215 muscle craft on the GTI LFI composite hull platform targeted at the performance passenger with a lower price and a few less features, as well as lighter weight than the RXT/P product line.

connection, frustrating riders with lack of the two beeps until the key was jiggled or removed and re-installed. The RXT-X and RXP-X models get the full Ergolock system which includes the Ergolock racing seat, angled foot well wedges and adjustable ergonomic steering (AES). the GTS 130 with a $400 MSRP price drop and the Spark basic 2up that remained at 2014 levels of $4999. 1997 Sea-Doo Models The GS is the base model of the three and does not include trim and only includes a fuel gauge.


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