ruger vaquero vs blackhawk
They also offered .38-40 winchester, .44-40 Winchester, and (get this) 40 S&W (huh?). The Vaquero is the same size as the large frame Blackhawks. Let's find out. The Flattop variant is shares the New Vaquero's medium sized frame. Maybe that is the answer to a Blackhawk 357 Convertible? The revolver’s story, however, wasn’t over just yet. I'd been considering a Blackhawk in the new .327 caliber. The stock hammers on regular New Vaquero's is a little taller than on the original models. Is the Ruger Vaquero as strong as the Blackhawk in .45 Colt? First and second-generation Colt SA Armies often win with collectors but at several thousand dollars a pop, you’ll likely want to store these models on a shelf. Introduced in 1873, the Colt SA Army was immediately adopted by the U.S. Army. A pain in the neck & much slower. The original Blackhawk, introduced in 1955, was the mid size .357 frame. Subsequently, the gun maker launched the Ruger Vaquero to cater to that market. Cylinder Diameter Ruger Vaquero vs. Blackhawk.

Frame Window Height The “Three Screw” works fine for that group. All Rights Reserved, SASS Revolvers Square Off: Colt SA Army vs Ruger Vaquero.

Only difference is SBH hammer spur is grooved and the Montado spur is checkered. Now theyve dropped the original (old) Vaquero… Only New Model Blackhawks. The Blackhawks do not do that & you have to manually position each cyl port while looking at it. Pretty simple. There is no “Blackhawk” sold today.

A beautiful case hardened Colt SA Army (Photo: Don Summers/ Hodgdon's originally produced three (3) smokeless powders in a line known as "Clays". Colt introduced its second generation of SA Army in 1956 and continued churning out the revolver until 1974 when Colt, again, pulled the plug. Powered by Invision Community. Had I not known the difference, and if I hadn’t made it plain to the seller during the exchange of information, I could have bought a gun that would not have served my purpose.

Couldn't you also use this in the Vaquero? Due to consumer pressure, Ruger brought back the Colt-sized medium flat-top frame in the form of the 50th anniversary .357 Blackhawk and New Vaquero in 2005. For my preferences, prefer the Colt New Frontier when I have the wherewithal, next a Ruger Blackhawk. But thirty-five years later we have come oh so close. I was offered several deals, but only two offers were what I was looking for. Just curious. Then, the .44 Magnum Blackhawk was introduced and it was larger than the .357 Blackhawk. I recently learned that if you buy a New Model Vaquero in 44 magnum, it is a LARGE frame vaquero. 1.732 Pre-2005 Vaquero JavaScript is disabled. I have both guns, and when I am in the mood for single action, the Vaquero is my favorite. It doesn’t stop stupid. Ruger does not produce any 44 magnum revolvers with medium frames. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter.

..maybe Ruger had some probs with the .44 in that series. The gun also offers a wide selection of barrel lengths from 3.75-inches to 7.5-inches. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Faith, family, shooting sports, BMW motorcycles, history, cooking, Jedi Gunfighter #260 History, music (Southern Rock/Blues/Oldies), racing (cars/motorcycles), motorcycling, weapons (mostly guns and knives), baseball, toy trains, WWII, cowboy shooting (targets of course), reading, and my wife and family.

Despite both the Colt SA Army and Ruger Vaquero offering proven designs, earning accolades among competition shooters, one tends to come priced significantly higher than the other. Since most of these names are unofficial, we need to develop common designations for the “Three Screw” , large frame, and the frame used for the “New Model Vaquero”!

That means you can MUCH more easily load it without looking or having to line up the cylinder to the ejection rod to unload! 1.625 US Firearms 1.602 Old Model Blackhawk 357, ------------------------------ Saves misunderstandings!! “You want to get these guns ‘slicked up’ and get the internals smoothed out and the trigger worked on for competition shooting,” Clarke commented. Similar to Ruger’s Blackhawk, the Vaquero sports fixed sights and a variety of grips. So, it depends on what the word "is" is! Someone not knowing all of the ins and outs isn’t stupid!! ("The revolver formerly known as New Vaquero"?). In 1973, Ruger introduced the New Model Blackhawk with the transfer bar. 15 hours ago, TN Mongo, SASS #61450 said: Ruger Blackhawk same size as "old" Vaquero? The mid size frame is the same as New Vaqueros and is chambered in .357 Magnum and .44 Special, and maybe other calibers.

Ruger has taken a giant backwards step forwards and now offers a Twentieth Century sixgun with a real Nineteenth Century look. It would be nice if manufacturers would be more definitive when they introduce new products.

With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. 1.700 Old Model Blackhawk 357. Now they've dropped the original ("old") Vaquero, and re-named the New Vaquero as the Vaquero. Cylinder Length I actually prefer the grooved SBH hammers, I have them on all my Vaquero's. By Tle blackhawk is available in a few more calibers, has adjustable sights and a variety of barrel lengths up to i believe 10 inches, where the vaquero is like 4 1/2 -5 1/2 inches and limitted to … 1.610 Post-2005 Vaquero 1.690 US Firearms The 1950s gave rise to many western-themed cowboy shows, resulting in the resurrection of the SA Army due to high demand. There are two sizes of New Model Blackhawks and Super Blackhawks.

------------------------ The “medium size” cylinder won’t handle .44 Magnum. The New gun already lines up perfectly with backward pressure everytime! The classic grips of a Colt SA Army (Photo: Don Summers/ Similar to Ruger’s Blackhawk, the Vaquero sports fixed sights and a variety of grips. Copyright 2019 When they did that they dropped everything but .357 mag and .45 LC, I have wanted a vaquero for a lon time now what do you guys think of them. You can’t fix stupid. Whether you’re drooling over an early generation Colt SA Army for collecting or you plan on taking a Ruger Vaquero out to SASS competitions, remember that has you covered. In no particular order. “New Model Blackhawk”. With many certified used options in our inventory, you’re bound to find something that fits within your budget. The wheelgun laid dormant for two years until, in 1976, the SA Army remerged bearing a new cylinder bushing and thread pitch. The grip frame is small but the cylinder frame is the large size. Though IWI's X95, released in 2016, usurps the SAR, my Tavor SAR is still part of the family. I have recently settled on the Ruger Blackhawk, not only for range/hunting use, but for protecting my hide.

Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! But their current Blackhawk:  is that still the same frame size as the original Blackhawk and the original  ("old") Vaquero?

This revolver was/is able to safely chamber six rounds. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. Models aside, Clarke says shooters can’t go wrong with either model. To avoid confusion, I drop the suffix "Clays" from the last two powders, although they now label them as "Clays Technology". Come to think of it, “Three Screw”, “Second design”, and “Third design”  might be a great way to differentiate between versions! I don’t think it’s a .44 Mag in a medium frame. 1.763 Pre-2005 Vaquero 1.674 US Firearms For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? The Vaquero was introduced and built on the larger frame. Mine is. The Colt SA Army and Ruger Vaquero are two popular options for those looking to wet their feet in the world of Single Action Shooting Sports. "Old model" Vaquero perhaps isn't the proper term, as "old model" refers to three screw, pre-transfer bar Ruger single actions. A great gun, hit where I pointed it and a blast to shoot. Though Colt was one of the few providing cowboy guns for competition, it wasn’t long until Ruger took notice of the growing popularity of cowboy shooting. Like putting “Do not use in shower” on a blow dryer. Calling this new generation a New Model Blackhawk creates confusion when trading/purchasing used non Three Screw Blackhawks, particularly if one is looking for the robust, larger framed gun needed to accommodate high pressure heavy bullet cartridges used for larger game. Isn't the Ruger Vaquero virtually identical to the Blackhawk except for the sights (.44 Mag specifically)? A forum community dedicated to Ruger pistol firearm owners and enthusiasts. The reason I ask is that I saw some ammo (Buffalo Bore) that was for use in the Ruger Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk only. Then they made the New Vaquero in a slightly smaller frame size than the Vaquero (Blackhawk), but kept making the Vaquero.


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