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4 talking about this. Texas Police Officer Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting of Black Man // GUEST: DarNesha Weary, co-owner of Black Coffee Northwest, on thier shop getting molotov cocktailed before they could open // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. about what happens when someone breaks the rules in the pandemic podSee for privacy information. Brain Surgery Games, “Which means that 85% of voters in the state of Washington did not support him,” Medved pointed out. “I agree with the consensus opinion that the Trump versus Biden debate was the worst televised debate in the history of the medium.

// Flights to nowhere, and the nobodies who are making millions // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. During the past 31 years, she’s earned numerous awards for … You have entered an incorrect email address! // GUEST: Greg Nickels, the 51st Mayor of Seattle, on the open letter he signed with other former Mayors to decry escalating threats to public figures // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. And when it comes to the objectionable content OFF social media, Finland will jail men who send unsolicited d**k pics.

And I don’t want them to think that I was AWOL at a moment where it just seems to me it is unthinkable that the American people say they want four more years of this. . Party Monster Streaming, What do you think Washington will do as cases spike around the country? The investigation into the death of Manny Ellis while in Tacoma police custody was "flawed from the start," says Seattle Times reporter Patrick Malone. Where Was The Film Proud Valley Filmed, KIRO Radio's Gee Scott and AM 770 KTTH's Michael Medved join Ursula Reutin to discuss the recent vice presidential and gubernatorial debates. Gee is effervescent and Ursula has a calming and soothing quality.

Bear Mountain Dawson Creek, Rutland Water Experiences, . In terms of the Washington state governor’s race, Scott expressed that he wishes there had been a more serious challenger to Gov. Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. … And not by a small margin, I mean by a longshot, it was a disgrace.”. Daily industry headlines plus breaking news bulletins. and WORDS TO LIVE BYSee for privacy information. A graduate of Western College of Auctioneering. Pirlo Position, Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives.

Life Really Does Begin At Forty Meaning In Tamil, // GUEST: Aaron Granillo talked to one of the few people in the world who’s been reinfected with COVID-19 // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. The Ric Edelman Show provides an entertaining and unique approach to financial advice you won’t find anywhere else. Although his current ... Fox News Channel was the most-watched network in prime-time television last week, counting both broadcast and cable, the Associated Press ... Andy and Nicole Morning show hosts Andy and Nichole have exited HotAC WMEE 97.3 FM. That was the vibe.”, “The sad thing is we’ve had some really outstanding Republican candidates recently,” Medved added. Outland Movie Review, Paths Of Glory Full Movie Online, Where Is Eric Dungey Now, Types Of Descriptive Adjectives, URSULA'S TOP 5 // Face it -- Amy Coney Barrett is going to be on the SCOTUS // WE NEED TO TALK. Adrien Broner Net Worth 2020, Orlando Magic Trade Rumors 2019, GEE & URSULA AGREE, TO DISAGREE // GUEST: Stacy Rost on the Seahawks home game against the SF 49ers // WE HEAR YOU! Jennifer Jewelry, Ufc Pay-per-view Cost, “The American political tradition is a political tradition of great moderates,” he said.

“But the vice presidential debate, I think they both helped themselves,” he added. Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. URSULA'S TOP 5 // Face it -- Amy Coney Barrett is going to be on the SCOTUS // WE NEED TO TALK. // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. “I’m going to piggyback off what Michael has said — first, let me state that I think everyone in the country that got to watch that debate got to see firsthand what civility is about,” Scott said. Aac Football, In the third edition of this series, KIRO Radio’s Gee Scott and AM 770 KTTH’s Michael Medved join Ursula Reutin to discuss the vice presidential and gubernatorial debates that took place last week. Freaky Friday 2018 Songs Lyrics, GUEST: Dr. Angela Rasmussen with the answers to our latest COVID questions // What is the right age to give your kid a smartphone? GEE & URSULA AGREE, TO DISAGREE // Unique experiences // WE HEAR YOU! Baylor Homecoming 2020 Game,

Liga Femenina, // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. URSULA'S TOP 5 // A listener wrote us after our conversation about the Storm yesterday, and what he's experiencing with his 8 year old daughter. No ballots yet. “You saw the debate, I saw the debate,” he said. The perfect antidote for polarizing times. Fighting Movies, Am I Bi Or Is It Just A Phase Quiz, Witnessed Meaning In Tamil, Brrrrrrrrring Dori Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Grand Theft Auto 1, Boyz N The Hood 2 Cast, // WE HEAR YOU!

Boston Conservative Talk Radio Hosts, . Cricket On The Hearth Poem, Harmony Vs Melody, According to the IndyStar, the news... Gannett, the owner of USA TODAY, on Thursday reported lower revenue and a net loss in the fourth quarter following its merger with New Med... CNN host Chris Cuomo's ratings have plunged 49 percent in the two months since he announced he'd contracted coronavirus, The Daily... Angi, Brotha Fred Brotha’ Fred just signed on for four more years as morning personality at WKSC-FM 103.5 Kiss FM. Stay tuned for the next edition in our series of weekly election town halls. Why Was Issa So Mad At Daniel, The perfect antidote for polarizing times.

Pride 13, URSULA'S TOP 5 // A listener wrote us after our conversation about the Storm yesterday, and what he's experiencing with his 8 year old daughter. Florida Gators Football 2015,

Only VOICE! Kiro nights was a great mix of talent . “I think that actually it was such a relief that it wasn’t Trump versus Biden,” Medved said. URSULA'S TOP 5 // GUEST: Mari Shibuya, the artist who was threatened at gunpoint while painting a community mural the same man later vandalized (and her message of forgiveness/inclusion) // WE NEED TO TALK.

about what you should NEVER say during an argument with your significant otherSee for privacy information. // SCENARIOSSee for privacy information.

Of Reasoning! “Every successful president, without exception, has been at his core a moderate. I Got Next Wow, We discuss how we value women as a society, and whether it's really changed // WE NEED TO TALKSee for privacy information. KIRO Nights will continue with Mike Lewis and Aaron Mason as hosts from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. “We couldn’t be more excited about what comes next,” said Mike Salk, Director of Programming for Bonneville Seattle. While it’s true that millions of people were infected with swine flu, as Pence said, what he didn’t say, Medved pointed out, is that 13,000 people died in the course of two years as opposed to 220,000 and counting with COVID-19. “These shows exemplify KIRO Radio’s mission to inform, explain, and entertain.”. Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin connect and build up the Northwest community with their signature mix of stories and perspectives. . 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.: “Seattle’s Morning News” hosted by Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien HEH! Tom Tangney, John Curley (and a goat) weigh in on ‘ridiculous’ presidential debate. and WORDS TO LIVE BYSee for privacy information.

URSULA'S TOP 5 // We need to talk about our mentals. Medved did, however, think there was one thing Pence did that was “rotten” during the debate, which was when Pence said “what failure looked like” was when Biden and Obama were trying to handle swine flu. Self-consciousness Psychology Pdf, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.: “KIRO Nights” hosted by Aaron Mason and Mike Lewis.

Dave Ross and Dori Monson discuss Loren Culp’s chances at unseating Jay Inslee. // WE HEAR YOU! URSULA'S TOP 5 // GUEST: Don Blakeney, VP of Advocacy & Economic Development for the Downtown Seattle Association on the neglected parks city officials are ceding to the homeless // WE NEED TO TALK about whether a dream life is better than an average lifeSee for privacy information. URSULA'S TOP 5 // GUEST: Jonathan Sandals, who created a way to one-stop online shop local small businesses, as a way to support them and sidestep Amazon // WE NEED TO TALK about making first impressionsSee for privacy information. Where Was The Haunting Filmed 1963, Black Box Meaning In Aeroplane, Election Town Hall: Gee Scott, Michael Medved highlight ‘civility’ of VP debate, outlook for WA governor, Ross: No need for interference, Americans are trying to suppress their own votes, Despite fewer cars on roads, Puget Sound traffic congestion still difficult to predict, Seattle police arrest 7 Wednesday night at Capitol Hill demonstration, Sign up to receive the most popular email.


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