bridgestone dueler vs cooper at3

My dad has a set of Cooper ATR 285's on his F350 and has over 20,000 miles on them, judt starting to show wear.

One of our trucks has 90k and tows heavy loads or is hauling something, it's been through the oem Perelli Scorpions, 4 sets of General Grabber AT2's (which are junk!!!!!!!!!!) We got a ton of ice Monday and once I was in 4wheel it drove real nice. Winter weather is often unpredictable, and snow-covered roads change with every passing vehicle as they churn snow into slush or pack it down to polished ice.

The independent blocks of the Pirelli's moderately aggressive tread pattern interact with the road to create a variety of tones that are always noticeable inside the cabin, and drivers may detect some slippage in the wet when pulling away from a stop or making an abrupt maneuver. You must log in or register to reply here. I'd bet they arent even half tread yet.

This reality underscores that the 3PMSF symbol is not the only guarantee of good winter traction ��� our testing has revealed there are a number of tires that perform well in the snow despite not having the symbol.

All I get is a generic webshots page.

We love solving problems and lending a hand (or an ear). RockinJW do you have any pics with ATR's on the truck? 2000 F250 SC,5.4, 4.10LS,SILVER (AKA: SILVER BULLET), RHINOLINER, Lakeland COVER,MAAP SS NERF BARS, TINTED GLASS, LUVERNE CUSHIONING RECIEVER, RANGER 6900 FHP, TURNER RK56B, WILSON 1000, Boss 8'-2" Power V

Similarly, light handling is a little soft but appropriate for a truck, with somewhat vague steering. What We'd Improve: Tread noise is very noticeable. The TerrainContact A/T is our team's favorite on the road, with the top subjective score in every category.

I look forward to it! So my mechanic friend says he has another friend who swears by the Cooper Discoverer AT3's while I read on here to go with M+S if dedicated plow truck which this one is. The On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tires in our test are designed to deliver an improvement in road manners compared to their more aggressive, off-road focused counterparts, and our testing reveals they have all achieved that goal in different ways. New price was about $40 more per tire for the Bridgestones. Price isn't an issue, my local dealer initially said no price difference.

While it's ultimately the second-most capable tire in the group, the Discoverer AT3 4S isn't as easy to drive as the others, primarily due to some slip at the front when entering turns. I'm trying to hold him to his original statement.

Though it has the firmest ride in the test, it's nicely controlled, reducing every impact to a single event. I don't have any experience with the other tires you mentioned but with what we put this one truck through I'd say these Coopers have held up very well.

The resulting understeer can be frustrating, and it requires the driver to slow a little more and separate braking and steering inputs to avoid it. and a set of Cooper AT3's. Run in both dry and wet conditions, the test track allows our team to experience the traction, responsiveness, handling and drivability normally only encountered during abrupt emergency avoidance maneuvers. I just put a set of cooper at3 on my 350. Or let's chat via email. *Our evaluation used Race Technology DL1 data loggers to record true distance travelled. Even so, it's nice to have confident off-road capability when you really need it, plus the aggressive looks complement the personality and appearance of a truck, Jeep or full-size SUV. The Cooper AT3's have lasted the longest at roughly 2 years (about 20k miles or so). 2 wheel I was sliding but so was everyone, I just put a set of cooper at3 on my 350. Conclusion: A nice performer that could be better in the wet. 03 F-350 6.0PSD SRW / Supercab / Short Bed / Rhino Liner / DR 3" Hanger Level Kit / DR Shocks / 18" Moto Metal 951 / BFG TA-KO 305-65-18. For a group of tires designed to have the durability and capability to tackle real-world off-road conditions, these four are all commendably civilized while performing the daily tasks that will represent most, if not all, of the use they see throughout their lives. Our team of highly trained experts has Wet traction is likely sufficient for daily use, and winter traction is good.

1999-2007 Upgrades and Aftermarket - General,, 99 & up 7.3L Power Stroke Engine & Drivetrain, 99 & up Upgrades and Aftermarket - 7.3L Engine, 7.3L IDI Diesels (Not Powerstrokes) 1988-1993, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The steering is satisfactory, though a little vague, with slightly delayed response to inputs, and while the ride is supple, it suffers from some excessive secondary motion after impacts. They did not use hypermiling techniques to influence vehicle fuel economy. Wet testing was performed by our entire team, and here the TerrainContact A/T again stands out above the rest, leading in the objective testing and our team's subjective votes. If it is a dedicated plow truck I would go with Cooper M & S narrow tires .,.

While ultimate dry traction and track capability are not design targets for these On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tires, it's important to know they will react appropriately in an emergency situation. To find out how this new influx of "mild" On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tires perform, we gathered the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3, Continental TerrainContact A/T, Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus and put them through a full test. Some moderate difficulty putting down the power requires careful modulation of the throttle to make confident forward progress without momentum-killing tire spin that quickly engaged traction control. The Cooper AT3's have lasted the longest at roughly 2 years (about 20k miles or so). There is some tread growl resulting from the moderately aggressive pattern, but it's non-intrusive. 2000 F250 SC,5.4, 4.10LS,SILVER (AKA: SILVER BULLET), RHINOLINER, Lakeland COVER,MAAP SS NERF BARS, TINTED GLASS, LUVERNE CUSHIONING RECIEVER, RANGER 6900 FHP, TURNER RK56B, WILSON 1000, Boss 8'-2" Power V. 2K F-250 XLT, 7.3 PSD, 6-SPD, Supercab, Longbed, 4X4, 2 Tone Maroon and Silver. The dealer's trying to change his price now, must have checked with the distributor and found there is a difference.

Fuel economy figures are very close for this group of products, with a negligible .2 mile per gallon difference across the four tires. Conclusion: The standout performer in this test if you don't see much winter weather. With a four-wheel drive vehicle and a set of big, aggressive tires, it feels like you can go anywhere and do anything, as if installing all-terrain tires on your truck, Jeep or SUV means you can conquer the great, untamed wilderness or navigate your way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The softest damping of the group means impacts are well absorbed initially but considerable motion afterward seems to resonate through the flexible structure of the vehicle.

2 wheel I was sliding but so was everyone[/QUOTE.

What We Liked: Good light handling for an All-Terrain tire.

Check your link. We got a ton of ice Monday and once I was in 4wheel it drove real nice. The Dueler A/T Revo 3 displayed a small advantage in subjective feel over the Discoverer AT3 4S, but both delivered good winter traction with similar results in our measured acceleration and braking tests. I'm very happy with my Cooper AT3.

For accurate results we use a dedicated winter testing facility in Northern Sweden with acres of groomed snow that provides the consistency needed for reliable acceleration and braking comparisons. Tread noise is roughly equal to the Bridgestone in volume, though it's more of a broad, white noise instead of a consistent tone. The personality of the Dueler A/T Revo 3 is a bit more relaxed, with a softer ride that doesn't feel quite as composed combined with light but accurate steering.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Test-leading wet traction is a highlight, and the ride, steering and light handling effectively eliminate much of the unwieldy nature inherent to large, body-on-frame vehicles.

Trailing the others was the TerrainContact A/T, which had a much harder time starting, stopping and turning our test vehicle. It's tough call between Cooper and Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo. Love my AT3's I'll get 60k plus out of them easy. I like them but haven't gotten the chance to use them in plowing.

Our 6.0-mile loop of expressway, state highway and county roads provides a great variety of road conditions that include city and highway speeds, smooth and coarse concrete, as well as new and patched asphalt. Choose an Independent Recommended Installer. Ice traction results mirrored what we found in the snow, with the Dueler A/T Revo 3 and Discoverer AT3 4S leading the group, Scorpion All Terrain Plus a step back, and the TerrainContact A/T trailing. JavaScript is disabled.

The firm ride communicates road imperfections through the driver's seat but lacks the composure of the Bridgestone or Continental, and tread growl features several discernible tones that result in a merely average score for noise comfort. Because of this, it's composed and easy to drive, even though the objective figures fall toward the back of the pack.

The Continental also adds noticeable poise to the trucks' handling and precise response to steering inputs. the knowledge and passion to help.

I don't have any experience with the other tires you mentioned but with what we put this one truck through I'd say these Coopers have held up very well. What We Liked: Good impact isolation, precise steering, good winter capability.

What We'd Improve: Wet traction could use a noticeable bump, less tread noise would be appreciated. Our evaluation used 2018 Ford F150 4x4 trucks fitted with new, full tread depth 265/70R17 tires mounted on 17x8.0 wheels. To simulate the icy conditions found at intersections or the black ice experienced out on the highway, we use ice at a local hockey rink and measure acceleration and braking traction.

This route allows our team to experience noise comfort, ride quality and everyday handling, just as you would during your drive to school or work. Our Real World Road Ride features a relatively flat 6.0-mile loop of 65 mph expressway, 55 mph state highway and 40 mph county roads along with three stop signs every lap.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S feels like a traditional truck tire in many ways.

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S feels like a traditional truck tire in many ways. Conclusion: A competent all-terrain option. Strong overall traction means the truck feels planted, helping to resist some of the vehicle's inherent understeer at corner entry and oversteer when exiting the turn. The Scorpion All Terrain Plus also has the 3PMSF symbol and provided reasonable snow traction, just not at the level of the Bridgestone and Cooper tires. Knowing this, several manufacturers have introduced On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tires designed for the way drivers actually use them, with greater emphasis on noise quality, ride comfort and wet traction while still maintaining the ability to navigate challenging terrain, should the need arise.


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