In 2018 the town of Jászfényszaru is celebrating the 25th anniversary of winning town status for the second time. It has been 20 years since the local government set up its limited company Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum, which has twice been awarded with the title of „The Industrial Park of the Year” since its inception. Among the industrial park operators are the Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt. which has been the top spot on the county's Top 50 list for years; and the thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft. where the ribbon-cutting ceremony is going to take place this year. There are many other companies, as well, which go far beyond the borders of Jászfényszaru and Jászság.

The operators in the industrial park make use of findings of extensive researches since they have close links with universities. This year as a result of the co-operation between the local government and the Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum Kft. the industrial park of Jászfényszaru has become one the first 20 industrial areas of Hungary which have won the title of” Science and Technology Park” thus contributing to making the town and Hungary more successful.

Jászfényszaru is taking part in the “modern small town” project.


Győriné dr. Czeglédi Márta


25 year old town

Jászfényszaru is located in the Northern Great Plain, in the north-western part of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, 11 kilometres away from Hatvan and 17 kilometres away from Jászberény. The settlement with a population of nearly 6000 inhabitants belongs to the district of Jászberény and is situated at the borders of three counties: „Pest”, „Heves” and „Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok”. Here the regions Northern Great Plain, Northern Hungary and Central Hungary are connected. Jászfényszaru was granted town status again on the 1st of January 1993. Becoming a town was the first step towards the renewal and development of this settlement, and as a result of its urban development and the goals set by the local government the "Vital and liveable Jászfényszaru" became reality. All the developments and achievements contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants and the settling of new employees who are provided with suitable working and living conditions as well as higher living standards.

The historic town centre has been renewed.

With the support of the European Union the town centre has been renovated as well as the town hall and the buildings of the city maintenance, and “Régi Kaszinó” restaurant. The project also involved creating more green spaces and building a new shopping arcade.

The Rimóczi Castle gives home to the Smart School which was established with the support from Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt. Here the young can get acquainted with modern computing and telecommunication tools; and they can also enrol on courses in information technology provided in the form of dual vocational training.






The Pap Castle offers five double rooms and a conference hall for up to forty people for economic stakeholders. The building is a frequent venue for business meetings and conferences.

Members of the town Council

2014 – 2019

  • Sándor Zsámboki
  • János Szakali
  • Ferenc Berényi
  • Norbert Tóth
  • László Szabó
  • János Bertalan Győri
  • Dr. Erika Voller (notary)
  • Győri Márta Czeglédi Dr.
  • Lovász Magdolna Török
  • Sándor Sándor


Industrial Park

In 1998 the Local Government of Jászfényszaru decided to establish an industrial park in the northern part of the settlement. The foundation stone was laid in the spring of 1998 in the presence of Mr. Michael Lake, the European Union Ambassador to Hungary. The investment was implemented with GFC, TFC and PHARE support.

Michael Lake EU Ambassador to Hungary and Antal Szűcs former managing director of JIC at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the industrial park

The industrial area is located 60 km away from Budapest and 12 km away from highway M3, and it has direct connection to the public main road No. 32. The Liszt Ferenc International Airport is 52 km away and the town is connected to the railway line between Szolnok and Hatvan, where branch lines are available and loading is possible. The renovation of the main road No. 32 between Hatvan and Jászfényszaru was completed in the summer of 2015, which involved widening the road, building an overpass and also a cycle lane of nearly 10 km.

The support from Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt. largely contributed to winning the title of the industrial park in 1998. The industrial park is operated by Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum Kft. owned by the Municipality of Jászfényszaru. The aim of the company is to support the balanced economic development of the town and the region, and to meet market demands by providing a wide range of modern services and creating ideal conditions for large investors as well as medium-sized and small businesses. The industrial park is one of the most considerable economic centres in the region, employing more than 3000 people. Since its inception, it has continuously been evolving; nearly forty companies have chosen to have their headquarters in the area, such as Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt., Sangjin Micron Hungary Kft., S-Metalltech Kft., Hirsch Porozell Kft. Among the tenants are companies such as Maurice Word Group Kft., Kékesbusz Kft., Nepco Kft., Adrienne Feller Zrt.

The northern part of Jászság (Upper-Jászság) is the most dynamic industrial area of the county, where most of the county’s GDP is produced. The area is also prominent in respect of the high rate of employment. 62.7 percent of the economic strength of the county is attributed to Jászság. The achievements of Jászfényszaru are also considerable as it is indicated by the fact that the town gave 30 percent of the economic strength of the county in 2015 without the performance of thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary Kft. The economy of Jászfényszaru not only has local and regional importance, but also national significance.

Main milestones, investments, projects

1998-2001           Infrastructure construction on 12.6 hectares; office building and warehouse construction (HUF 200 million /~ EUR 345 thousand/, with PHARE and GFC support)

2002-2003           Construction of a truck park offering 100 parking spaces (HUF 156 million /EUR 500 thousand/, including TTFC support of HUF 50 million /EUR 160 thousand/ and TFC support of HUF 10 million /EUR 32 thousand/ )

2008-2010           Construction of a production hall of 1848m2

2012-2015           Complex development of Jászfényszaru Industrial Park (Phase I: HUF 1.1 billion /EUR 3.5 million/, including EU grant of HUF 448 million /EUR 1.4 million/ for the Entrepreneurial House and the Multifunctional Hall)

2012-2014           Project Management in Town Centre Rehabilitation and Functional Enhancements project

2012-2014           Project Management in Social Town Rehabilitation project

2016                      Purchase of the property of “Metál” Hall (~ 2000 m2)

2017                      Design of an incubator house (~ 900 m2) and construction permit

2017                      Warehouse (~ 2000 m2) design and construction permit

For the efforts made for investment incentives and job creation, Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum Kft. was awarded with the title of the „Investor-friendly Industrial Park of the Year” in 2010 by the ITD Hungary Zrt. - out of the 210 Hungarian industrial parks. Then in 2015 the company was also awarded with the title of the "Investor of the Year" by the National Investment Agency.

„Investor of the Year“ awarding ceremony in 2015. Róbert Ésik President of HIPA, Péter Szijjártó Minister of Foreign Affairs, Márta Győriné dr. Czeglédi mayor and László Versegi,managing director of JIC Ltd.

The thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft. will create nearly 500 jobs by its investment of HUF 30 billion /EUR 965 million/ between 2018 and 2020. After the completion of the greenfield investment, steering systems and cylinder head-integrated camshafts began to be manufactured in two newly-built production halls.

In order to ensure professionals the thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft. co-operate with the Szolnok Centre of Vocational Technical Training and the Liska József Technical Vocational School, and they launched their own training course in September 2017 where students can master the basics of cutting-edge technology. The company set up 6 training workshops to teach digital and pulse technology to students of automation technician in groups of 12.

Following its entrepreneur-friendly development policy, the local government also participates directly in improving the conditions of operation of the industrial park. There has been a project currently underway of building a 2063-meter-long road to improve accessibility. The municipality has already submitted a grant application for the development of two traffic roundabouts. The project is connected to Territorial and Settlement Development Operational Programme (TOP), and in case of a favourable decision it will be financed by European and national grants. The project includes further developments such as infrastructure construction of an area of 5.2 hectares (electricity, water, sewerage and gas), reconstruction of a 330-meter-long road, building a 705-meter-long road; and construction of a new gas pipeline.

Jászfényszaru „Town of Tradition and Innovation”

János Pócs member of the National Assebly, Viktor Orbán Prime Minister of Hungary, Dr. Karsten Kroos Chief Executive Officer of Components Technology Business Area at thyssenkrupp and Marc de Bastos Eckstein managing director of „thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft.” at the opening ceremony of the workshop on 2nd March 2018

Companies in the Industrial Park

Adrienne Feller Zrt.

Ákos Master Kft.

APM Kft.

DAHO Solution Kft.

Enbritely Hungary Kft.

Everling Kft.


Gold Oil Kft.

Győri & Győri

Jászfény Kft.

Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum Kft.

Job-max Kft.

Kiss Tamás Autó Bt.

Maurice Ward Kft.

Mega Line Kft.

MNT System Kft.

Prime Rate Kft.

Qualitekt Solution Kft.

Sangjin Micron Kft.

Tecton Kft.

Tequinocs Kft.

V-Casting Kft.

Wnsteam-Prod Kft.

In 2017 Jászfényszaru Ipari Centrum Kft. and the Local Government of the town together submitted an application to the Ministry of National Economy in order to become a Science and Technology Park. Eighteen companies of the industrial park have joined the application

Deákvár Consulting Kft.

Forsza-Trade Kft.

Hirsch Porozell Kft.

Kb-Human Kft.



Kotrocz Trans Kft.

Luminatus Innováció Kft.

Mezei és Társa Kft.

Nepco Hungária Kft.

Samsung Zrt.

S-Metalltech 98 Kft.

Sol Smart Home Zrt.

SOL Zrt.

thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft.

Torus Energy Kft.

Vapisa Kft.

Venil-Logistic Kft.